This is a java applet to solve the three-dimensional radiative transport equation (RTE) with anisotropic scattering without any approximation. This was done as an REU project at the math department of University of Michigan. The project report is found here. The applet calculates and plots the density of light as a function of the distance from the source when a point source is placed at the origin of an infinite random medium. The calculation is based on arXiv:1304.1941. Give μa, μs, and g, and then click Graph. Enjoy! The description of the java applet is found below.

Mihai V. Avram (Purdue University) and Manabu Machida (University of Michigan)
Ann Arbor, Michigan, July 2013

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The specific intensity
of light in a three-dimensional infinite medium with a point source at the origin obeys the following RTE.
Here we assume linear scattering and the scattering phase function is given by
The energy density U is obtained as
where v is the speed of light in the medium. Since U is spherically symmetric, we measure U along the z-axis. We have
See the report for further details.

  • μa: the absorption coefficient ( > 0 ).
  • μs: the scattering coefficient ( > 0 ).
  • g: the scattering asymmetry parameter ( 0 ≤ g ≤ 1 ).
* The computation might be difficult for μa >> μs since in this case U becomes very small.

In the left panel, we plot
In the right panel,
are shown.

Change log

    [July 24, 2013]
  • The link to the project report was added.
    [July 15, 2013]
  • The EZ-RTE was first released.