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Often parents ask me what method I use. They ask if I know Yamaha Method or Suzuki Method. I usually told them that I use "all-kind of method" as long as I think that method is good for my students, or, particular students.
First of all, we need to be clarify a few points about what is exactly "method" means to a piano teacher like me.
Number 1: If I say I am in Suzuki method, means I teach only according to Suzuki's philosophy, only with Suzuki Materials. Since I do not teach only with Suzuki Materials ONLY, I am not in Suzuki method.
Number 2: As a Master Degree in Music Education, I am proud to tell you that there is more than Yamaha and Suzuki method in music education field. Three more major method are widely used in USA: Kodaly Method, Orff Method, and Dalcroze Method, those methods are from Europe.
Number 3: I do not only teach in one particular method, but I teach in ALL of these 5 methods (Yamaha, Suzuki, Kodaly, Orff, and Dalcroze). How does that happen? I took only the good points about the method and use it everyday in my classroom. I choose method according to student's ability and need. For example, Suzuki might works on student A, but not student B. My interactive with students during lesson will tell me their ability and weakness and from there, I use different method to help them to improve.
Here is the link to these 5 methods. Yes, it is important for parents to educate themselves too about music education!
Make sure you read all these links:
Kodaly Method
Orff Method/ or called Orff Schulwerk
Dalcroze Method
Suzuki Method
Suzuki method emphasis on ear/ listening too much and delay the note reading!
Yamaha Method