Sue Dibble
Teacher's Experiences:

 2000-200           Part time piano teacher, 10+ students
 2005-2009            Full time piano teacher in Irvine, travel to students' homes, 30+ students
 2010-now             Full time piano teacher in Irvine, studio base at McCabe Way, 40+ students
 2005-now             Member of MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California, www.mtac.org)
     with Irvine Branch
 Sep 2012 - now    Festival Chair Assistant for MTAC - Irvine Branch
My students had pass CM Level 10:
Linda- year 2008
Rahul- year 2009
Nikki- year 2010 - with Branch Honor
Alicia- year 2012 - with Advance Medallion

Akhi and Miranda - year 2014

Teaching Style:
As a music educator, I learned from research about other teachers/ professor's teaching style and decided that Bruner (1971) has the style that fit me.
He suggested that there are three learning levels, and should be in this sequence:
1. Enactive level- students has to physically experiencing and representing the new idea.
2. Iconic level-students has to expressing the understanding through graphics or verbal descriptions that do not yet include appropriate labels.
3. Symbolic level-students are using the approach agreed upon label for that new concept.

Teaching Approach:
I used the holistic approach for all my students:
1. Aural approach- ears
2. Kinetics approach- body
3. Visual approach- eyes

Teaching Principles:
1. Students have the right to be treated with respect and dignity for their ideas, skills, stages of development
2. Students deserve an engaging learning environment in which they feel safe enough to demonstrate freely their understanding and skills through various type of participation
3. Students learning is the responsibility of both teachers and students
4. Learning is holistic and constructive
5. Teacher's attitudes , behaviors and methodologies should be compatible.
6. Accurate and constructive feedback helps students become independent learners
7. Quality of life is enriched through music and singing.

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