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This site groups all the documents about eZFusion. This software is a java-based framework to automatically deploy and control information fusion systems on distributed and dynamic resources.

Some screen shots:

eZFusion at a Glance:

Our project is based on research results on the control and the deployment of distributed information fusion systems over dynamic resources. eZFusion can be applied to a more general context since the deployed system is expressed as a data-flow graph. This project, initiated at LISTIC, is characterised by:
  • eZFusion is currently deployed on OSGi frameworks connected by a common network,
  • eZFusion is a prototype and should evolve according to new features,
  • download, copy and use of eZFusion are free.

eZFusion Objectives

We are improving eZFusion in order to reach objectives:
  • deploying a "fusion" system, defined by its description and the Java code of its components, whatever the available resources are, since they are compatible,
  • monitoring the execution of the system,
  • tuning the deployed system during its execution,
  • adapting the configuration of the system in case of resource changes.
We present further details in the documents published on the Project Documents page.

eZFusion quick start(work in progress)

You need 5 minutes to download, to install and to try eZFusion. Simply follow these steps.
  1. Download the pre-installed version of eZFusion,
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and open the "ezfusion" directory,
  3. Be aware that this version of eZFusion uses an HTTP server on the port 8080, so close any other running server.
    Launch the file framework.jar ("java -jar framework.jar" in a terminal since there is no opened window).
    Allow every requests if your firewall warns you.
  4. When the message "Framework launched" appears, open the following URL in your favourite browser:
    Note that the GUI of eZFusion requires the use of javascript and java applets.
  5. Since eZFusion gives a name to each host, fill in the following text field with the agent's name (it is written in the eZfusion GUI, control part, third panel - it should look like this "agent@123.456.789.123" with your IP address) and validate:

    Then copy the URL of the generated XML file.

  6. Paste the generated URL into the text field "path to the configuration:" of the eZFusion web interface (process part, second panel). Then clic on "deploy".

  7. Your first eZFusion configuration is running.
    Note that some features are not fully available in this demonstration version.

  8. To stop the execution, release the resources from the general control panel (control part, first panel).
  9. To stop eZFusion, write "shutdown" in the initial terminal and validate.
To have a more complete description of what happened, please have a look at this slide show.

eZFusion - overview

Rolling Updates

  • use of eZFusion in real cases eZFusion is deployed in a project managed by the regional agency Rhône-Alpes Énergie Environnent. This article in JITEC highlights the main ideas.
    Posted 15 Sep 2010, 00:00 by Olivier Passalacqua
  • eZFusion 3.0 The new stable version of easy fusion is now available. You can download the pre-installed version of the system (including the osgi framework) or add the 3.0 eZFusion ...
    Posted 5 Jul 2010, 08:45 by Olivier Passalacqua
  • First eZFusion workshop The first eZFusion workshop will be held at LISTIC on 29th of June.
    Posted 22 Jun 2010, 02:29 by Olivier Passalacqua
  • New GUI The new GUI of eZFusion is now divided in 3 parts:the process and the configuration,the control,the preferences.The process and configuration panels display two views respectively about ...
    Posted 16 Jun 2010, 09:09 by Olivier Passalacqua
  • SVN branches Some changes have been applied to the SVN repository:trunk will store only the source code of stable releases,pre_release will store the source code under correction before a ...
    Posted 16 Jun 2010, 09:01 by Olivier Passalacqua
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