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Credit Card Processing

Our Merchant Statements are simple and understandable; we take the mystery out of what you’re paying for!

Free Cost Proposal

Through our strategic relationships with Major U.S Banks and Bank Card Acquirers we can consistently offer the required financial products and/or services our customers seek. Yet DTI provides the personal “HANDS ON “relationship those larger institutions cannot provide. Your business benefits from having these major financial institutions on your side with DTI as your “GO TO” advocate.

Let us look at your business today so we can, provide you with solutions for tomorrow!

MidSouth Processing a marketing affiliate for DTI offers the right solution at a competitive price whether you are an Airport Shuttle service, the largest Restaurant chain in America, and/or the new neighborhood Dry Cleaner. Innovation is more than part of our name, after all DTI changed the face of Credit Card processing in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Industry with its breakthrough "Swipe 'N Go" program for the Subway® Restaurant system nationally.