EZ2BGR8: Service Management for Today's Business

Delivering value through great service management

Help end the new life cycle for IT: cut costs, do more with less, then cut again.

Many organizations know that implementing ITIL®  can save money and help them run more efficiently, but don’t have the time to get it done. EZ2BGR8 is your partner in implementing Service Management in a cost effective manner. We focus on providing you with the information and templates you need to get started and by kicking off the project then gradually stepping back to empower your staff to take leadership roles and build a strong relationship with other teams in the company.

ITIL®  is a set of good practices that create a framework for IT management. IT organizations using ITIL have demonstrated their effectiveness in providing value to their customers. This value comes in several forms:
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction with IT
  • Greater Operational Efficiency
  • Significant cost-savings
  • Improvements to service availability and performance

EZ2BGR8 SERVICE MANAGEMENT can take you there quickly and cost-effectively with a customized program to implement ITIL®. 

Our programs offer short-term wins to help you gain momentum and support for ongoing implementation by demonstrating results  in as quickly as three months. With three core services, you can select an implementation program to fit your budget and organizational culture.

Start with the IT Assessment program, which will deliver an evaluation of your current state, the gaps  you need to fill to implement ITIL® and an action plan for moving forward.

The Blueprint and Template program, provides you with a customized blue print for implementation, along with the process flows, document templates and reports you need to complete the job and demonstrate your effectiveness in terms the business understands. All of these are personalized with your company’s terminology and integrated with current business processes.

 Our Customized Implementation programs are modular in design to work within your culture and budget. Our initial engagement will provide fast results that can be built on to complete implementation of the life cycle processes in under 1 year. You can determine the length of engagement and rate at which we transition to part time, then roll off the project, leaving you fully empowered to complete the task at hand.  Our engagement can be tailored to suit the pace you require and your available funding.