Willkommen to Ruhe in Lauterbrunnen
Switzerland's piece of paradise






Have you been dreaming of sipping hot chocolate, relaxing and listening to tranquility?

Tucked between the majestic mountains of a classical Swiss alpine environment, the town of Lauterbrunnen is famed for it's natural beauty. Adventure seekers come to hang glide past the amazing Staubbach Falls, parachute, base jump, rock climb or mountain bike ride. Amazing mountain walks with stunning views at every turn wait for your camera. Enjoy winter sports of skiing, sledding, skating or a sauna. Others come to soak in the lush greens and colours of summer, delight in the clean air and savour the pure water.


Rest, relax and rejuvenate at Ruhe in Ey Hus 5

Perfect for a couple who want a quiet space to lounge in. A large table to spread out the newspaper or a cosy corner to sink into with a book. Perhaps you might refresh your mind through the mesmerizing Staubbach Falls from the balcony, living room or bedroom. Watch the water chase itself down the cliff in foamy cascades. Beautifully illuminated at night, the Falls go on tumbling.  In winter, the occasional sharp crack of ice can be heard echoing down the valley from the snowy peaks reminding you that nature is alive. Every season has special features but you can always enjoy the brook by the Ey Hus gurgling its secrets in the peacefulness.