Possible Workshops

Everyone will be scheduled for at least one project-based workshop.
Project-based workshops :

1.  Drink Me! (or Not?) Is the water safe to drink? Become a water inspector and run some tests yourself. Sandi Polewski, chemistry teacher, Bishop Dunne High School.

2.  The Science and Sizzle of Rockets. Discover the science behind rockets and build your own; place it on the launch pad, countdown to 10, and then hit the ignition switch!  Christina Reeves-Shull, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Cedar Valley College.

3.  Electronics Magic. Learn basic circuit theory as you connect the wires for an  electronic circuit that can sound a buzzer or light a bulb.  Jaime Hunter, Electrical Engineer, math & science tutor.

4. More Electronics. A follow-up session to Electronics Magic to do more circuit work.

5. The Hidden World of Microbiology.  Learn to use a microscope. Prepare and view slides of micro-organisms from your cheeks. Jennifer Siemantel, Profesor of Biology, Cedar Valley College.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

6. Engineering Challenges. Can you build a taller tower of spaghetti to support a marshmallow or a faster balloon powered car? Learn about some fields in engineering as  you  tackle  such  types of  projects. Stephanie Ndiaye, Illumination Eduation.

7.  Just in Time, Assembly Lines. Discover the Engineering Design Process as you construct, test, and redesign your own assembly line to manufacture a product as efficiently as possible to meet certain quality control criteria. Candy Robinson, Software Engineering Manager, and Emily Sohns, Aeronautical Engineer; Lockheed Martin.

8. Fun with Computers. Cancelled; unable to get a presenter.


Look and Listen workshops:

11. Drug Detectives.  Common illegal drugs, their effects,  how  law enforcement agencies detect them and work to stop the drug trade.  Jasmine Drake, Ph.D. Forensic Chemist,  School of Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University.

12.  Exploring Architecture as a Career. Learn about  designing a space and building styles. Members of AIA Dallas’ Women in Architecture Committee.

13. STEM and International Cultures. Cancelled; presenter no longer available. Examples from different cultures and their relationship to math and science.Dion Dubois, Ph.D., Associate Director, International Museum of Cultures.

14. The World of Finance. Cancelled. If you like working with numbers and people, there are many options available in the banking industry. Kathleen Dufraine, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase Commercial Banking.

15.  From Hamsters to Horses.  Experiences in veterinary medicine, from the smallest patients to the largest. Monica Fann, D.V.M., Veterinary Technology Dept., Cedar Valley College.

16. Medical Topic. Cancelled; unable to get a presenter.

17. Discover your STEM options. Cedar Valley College offers programs in many STEM fields, including computer support services, engineering technicians, biological and physical sciences, and residential building performance technology. Learn about the programs and hear from some current students who are participating as STEM Institute Scholars. Dr. Peggy Shadduck, Director of the DCCCD STEM Institute.