We do not have any online registration. You will need to download the Reg Doc  using the links at the bottom of this page. This brochure has the full program information, including the workshops to be offered. To download a file to your computer,  click the arrow to the right of the file listing at the end of this page.

Each girl will be assigned to attend 3 workshops. If registration is received by February 22 deadline, we can assign girls to workshops based on the 6 workshop preferences they give on their registration form. After February 22, girls will be assigned to workshops that have most openings.

To simplify registration processing for groups, we encourage group leaders to sign up for their girls to attend the same workshops. With such a group registration it is only necessary to indicate the number of girls and adults to be registered, not their names; thus the group members can be changed at any time.

There is no adult program but we need to have them registered so we can provide some handouts.

The brochure has the list of student workshops and a form for registering a few girls and adults. It can also be used to register a group if  the girls are to attend  workshops as a group (or in subsets of your group). 

If you have a  group that wishes to have each girl specify her own workshop preferences, you can use the group form or prepare an Excel spreadsheet with the list of names  and the numbers of their workshop choices. There should be 8 separate columns on the spreadsheet: last name, first name, choice 1, choice 2, etc.

 It is highly recommended that anyone planning to bring a group contact the program chair [Penny Ball, 972-709-1957] before February 15 to discuss the best options for your age group.

DALLAS ISD schools: we are registered as a vendor for the Expanding Your Horizons  STEM day program. Our vendor name is AAUW Southwest Dallas County and our vendor ID is 51794.

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