Southwest Dallas County AAUW is no longer organizing an annual  Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) event at Cedar Valley College (CVC).   The last Expanding Your Horizons event was held on Saturday March 5, 2016.  Cedar Valley College will probably organize a similar event for spring 2017, but at this time there is no date set.
Southwest Dallas County AAUW is now organizing  smaller events to be held at the Museum of International Cultures in Duncanville. For information about these STEM Adventures or this AAUW branch , see our website at www.swDallas-TX.AAUW.net.  We are seeking to increase our membership of women (or men) who want to help promote equity for women and girls.

The Southwest Dallas County branch of AAUW organized an annual EYH program for every school year from fall 1996 to  spring 2016.  The menu at the left gives access to our March 2016 program general information (fees, schedule, location) and registration information (general brochure with brief workshop description). There are also links to some other interesting web sites.  A summary document with photos from several years is available on the History page.

This EYH program was for middle school girls (typically grades 5,6,7,8). They attended 3 workshop sessions presented by women with careers in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields.

All questions about our past events should be directed to the EYH chair Penny Ball (email penny@acm.org or phone 972-709-1957). Cedar Valley College has been the host site but they do not have the program details.

This site is being hosted on Google servers. The shortest web address to reach this site is www.EYH.AAUW-SWDC.org . You do not need to 'sign-in' to access any of our EYH information. The 'sign-in'  below is an  option if you have a Google account you might want to access.