Did you know that 007 really existed? The Eyes of the Realm is the first in a series of novels chronicling the exploits of the historical 007, John Dee, who was a spymaster for Queen Elizabeth I. If you like epic adventure, plenty of action, and a little romantic tension, you will not be disappointed in The Eyes of the Realm. We have chosen to serialize this novel by publishing one chapter a week. Just click on a chapter on the left to begin reading.

In The Eyes of the Realm, we meet Oswan and Viana, two spies for the historical 007, Doctor John Dee. Oswan has a dark secret that has kept from Viana, and now that secret threatens their latest mission, not to mention England itself. If he cannot reconcile his former life as a member of The Order of Dragons, a guild of assassins, then the Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition may find an artifact that can predict the future, and the fledgling British Empire may be brought to its knees.

The story of The Eyes of the Realm is also the basis for a rock album by the band Theatrum Mundi. Links will be provided throughout the book to the songs that pertain to that section. Visit the band at