Hello and welcome to my new website!

A while back I had attempted to create myself a free hosted website through Google Pages, and I was slightly disappointed that the quality of the editing system in use was sub-par when compared to other Google services. So I kind of put it aside, forgot about it, and just hosted my site on my own computer (which was down a lot of time, changed from port 81 to 8181 for ISP blocking reasons, and was generally unreliable.)

On September 3rd 2009 I discovered Google Sites. Woe is me for not noticing the "Sites" link before in the links on the top when in Gmail and Reader, but my good buddy Manu (see his website) graciously showed me that I was an idiot and that an awesome tool for hosting my own little website (which isn't much to look at I agree) was right there in my face.

So here I am.

Now go and explore my site, all of you :)