Sinusoidal Eye Tracking (SET)

SET is a method set up by Dr Lili Tcheang, Dr Amir-Homayoun Javadi, Zahra Hakimi, Morteza Barati and Professor Vincent Walsh to tackle eyetracking in natural, outdoor environments. Current eyetracking methods often come with proprietary equipment suitable for indoor laboratory conditions that are unable to address dynamic changes in lighting conditions. SET is designed to address large and uncontrollable changes in the lighting of the pupil, in order to track pupil position accurately in a free-moving observer in an outdoor environment. It requires only the video image of the eye and the scene post-recording. Therefore SET can be used in conjunction with any eyetracking setup that can output these videos to computer.

Please cite the following paper for your publications (PDF)

Javadi AH, Hakimi Z, Barati M, Walsh V and Tcheang L (2015). SET: A Pupil Detection Method Using Sinusoidal Approximation. Front. Neuroeng. 8:4. doi: 10.3389/fneng.2015.00004

Code is available for both MATLAB and Visual Studio implementations here:

MATLAB, Extract Pupil function download

Visual Studio, DLL download
Visual Studio, Executable (portable) download
Visual Studio, Project (sample C# project) download
Visual Studio, Installer (installs a sample code) download

Sample Images download