Programming Projects

Your wish is my command... 


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  • Dialect Pro -> Dialect 3D
  • BioLife
  • Telepad

Below is a list and description of some of my "most important" personal projects I am working on. 

 Dialect Pro -> Dialect 3D

Dialect Pro was originaly a piece of software (programming language interpreter) writen by a company in Ohio(USA) that worked on medical research. The company had an inhouse programming language for thier employees called Aristar Dialect Pro. This was for them to use on their Windows computers and their Windows Mobile Devices(Pocket PC's) for on the field. This language helped them write programs to run on both. The syntax was also easy to use because it was modeled after Python. The company ran out of resources to maintain it, and so gave it to the open source community. Dialect is now maintained by A.H. Banen and George Harth, but the maintainence and the Linux port have gotten thin recently as thier lives grow busy. The other problem lay in the fact the language had not been physically changed much(only a handful of commands) since Aristar had it. So it was evident it needed a change/update and it had potential to be good if it was updated. Enter me. I found Dialect by searching for information on Pocket PC programming on Sourceforge. I can't say I "know" C++, but I know a bit of C, so I decided to help them, which would solve my problem in searching for the "perfect language" and would help improve Dialect to it's full potential. My upgrades will include adding support for either (Vincent)OpenGL ES or Ogre game library(pocket pc port being worked on), which will allow 3D programming to by done on any of these platforms without change. This would also fill in the gap of no open source programming language with 3D support for the Pocket PC. I also plan to put in an optional 2D engine linking the the PocketHAL through PocketFrog so that there will be good support for 2D drawaing too.


Biolife was a game I thought up of that would include designing a life form that you could "upgrade" by buying organs/parts. Your goal would be to try and keep evolution from destroying your creature by death due to instability, wrong choices, or homostasies. You gain "brownie-points"(money) by having your creature survive a long time, therefore giving the research panel a reason to give you more "funding". The "real" end/win of the game is not to be announced due to impact on gameplay(aka, storyline).


Telepad is a program I designed to use at school. It is a way to access your remote terminal (by way of telenet). Instead of using an obvious telenet client, you will be using either Notepad or Microsoft Word as out "console". This would allow "cloaking" of your data without actually even needing to code/hide it. It will look like a real word document to the average reader, until they look closely.


Program to help people in school or other places get their info out with less effort on how to lay it out.