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  • March 23, 2006
    •  This website updated. 
    • Added list of Pocket Pc programming resources.(changed 8-28-06 link now on front too!)

  • August 28, 2006
    • Wow! It has been awhile since I put some news up, even though I changed the page. Newly added was the games page, to now make the front page cleaner. I took out links, becuase it was useless right now. I hope my webserver stops having lots of failure(they are offering it for free, though). I might move my webpage to another server if it keeps up. Until then, I will upload the current "site"(not the dodads like the gameserver and IDE) to another FTP I have. This can be used if the real page is down.  (I have not done so yet...) 
  • August 29, 2006
    • No-Install Software for Linux
      • It may seem like a good idea, but my experience shows that, despite the name, no install software like Klik! and Zero-Install are still not no-install solutions. They were  not designed to work with a basic system, but rely on having other software installed beforehand, making the user having to still install something before he "won't have to install anymore". With some more work, though, they will reach true "no-install" status.
  •  September 3, 2006
    • New status on Dialect3D! Alot of headway has been covered. It now compiles on both platforms. See project page for more.
  • September 16,2006
    • It seems that the project/xstreamsystems website won't be back up it its previous address. The webhost cut off the service because there was "abuse" on some accounts. I am looking into getting a new account elsewhere. 
  • October 13,2006
    • Sorry for the lack of progress for the last few weeks, but life got busy. I'll probally resume next week. I am trying to get Dialect to compile under GCC. It will make it easier so I don't have to be dependent on M$ software.