Eyak Language Workshops
It is an incredible and encouraging beginning.  More than 40 people turned out in Anchorage and Cordova this June to begin learning Eyak.  
This historic first was an all volunteer effort that was made possible with a lot of help...

to all those who took part....

Guillaume Leduey and Roy Mitchell 
our workshop teachers

Dr. Michael Krauss 
whose careful documentation 
has made it possible to learn Eyak now

The Elders
who passed on their words and their wisdom


The New Speakers
who are learning what it means to rediscover the past...not only for the future...but for the present.

We are also grateful for...

The Eyak Preservation Council
for donating airfare to Cordova for the teaching team 

The Anchorage Museum and the Cordova Museum & Library
for donating classroom space

The Eyak Corporation and the Chugach Heritage Foundation
for providing new grants to help us buy new camera and computer equipment

Laura Bliss Spaan
 workshop coordinator and videographer

The Native Village of Eyak
for getting the word out in Cordova

Anchorage Eyak Language Workshops June 2011

Cordova Eyak Language Workshops June 11