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Canada's Digital Economy: Moving Forward! We too!

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On March 1st 2011, the board of directors agreed that Ottawa Laser Inc (EXUPOLI.net) is moving forward with the Harper government's progress toward a digital economy strategy. Dr. Jin Lu suggested that we will move from .com to .net domain in order to avoid to competing with lots of success .COM companies. "We should take 'Indian Freelancers' as our role mode". Dr.  Jin Lu said: "Go! Go! We are moving forward & left our competitors sinking in the ocean of the .COM domain. We are flying high in the new space of .NET!"

2011年3月1日,董事会同意:渥太华激光公司(EXUPOLI.net)向前迈进, 与哈珀政府的数字经济战略步调保持一致。吕锦博士建议我公司将从.COM改变到.NET域名,以避免与大量成功的.COM公司竞争。“我们要以'印度自由职业者’作为榜样”;吕博士说:“前进!前进!敌手在.COM海里沉沦。我们在.NET空中展翅。”