Extreme Immersive Mod v3.0.88 :

Time Of Day Patcher :

Allows you to patch the maps with different time of day, several TOD mod are included in this release, Natural Mod 2.0.2 by Pydon and Reli2 by Hawkeye | Puppy.
You can also use your own time of day using the directory "User_Tod" (careful to respect the file name).
To use the DOT patch, use mods \ Extreme_Immersive_Mod \ TodChanger.bat

Body Regen Ability :

New Abilities, which can increase the regeneration of each body part.

Xbox360 Controle :

The eim now supports the Xbox 360 controller

SlowMotion : capslock : (xbox = B )
RegenAbility : y : (xbox = Pad Right )
HudTextSelector : u : (xbox = Pad Down )
FistsJump : MouseRight : (xbox = rt )
WallRun_jump_climb : space : (xbox = A )

EIM Config by XML file :

You can change many parameters of the EIM with the file EIM3087.xml .

Install Note :

Please note, the mod must be installed only at the root of the games.
To use the mod, you must use the shortcut on the desktop, or Start_EIM_32.bat (64.bat gold) to the root of the mod.
If you want to change the TOD , use TodChanger.bat .
In case of bug, use Bug Report.txt.

For Modder :

To install the EIM in your mod or map, import EIM CO 3087.grp (Mods \ Extreme_Immersive_Mod \ Install_Files \ Standalone flowgraph \)
Please note, you must import the folder "Objects"and the file. mtl located in "Game ".
If you want to use the config file you must use a mod folder, and put EIM3087.xml the root.

You can also test multiple config file, using the key "k + o ", it will opens a command prompt.
To use the command prompt, you must write the name of your file without writing. "xml ".
To return to the basic write config "default"

Extreme Immersive Mod v3.0.88 :
1- Install the Release 
2- Select tod
3- use start_eim_32.bat (or 64.bat)
4- Play

Extreme Immersive Mod v3.0.87 :

Beta Install for Crysis Original :

-1. install the release (remove old version)
-2. launch Extreme Immersive Mod
-3. Play.
Extreme Immersive Mod v3.0.80 :

Hello everybody,

The next version will be configurable through an xml file.
You can configure to file using a real time menu flow graph (OnScreenMenu v4.0.90).
I'm also going to redo the installation for more clarity in the files.
I'm also working on a program to combine TOD (Time Of Day) with Immersive Extreme Mod.
The next version should be available in a few days.

Crysis - Flow Graph - On Screen Menu v4.0.50 ( Mouse/Key/Joystik controle )


Extreme Immersive Mod v3.0.75 :

Hello everybody, I work on a new configuration system for EIM, with the console command.
I reduced the head bobbing of 50%.
I work on the EIM update for the crysis, and crysis wars version.
More information in the coming days.

ChangeLog 3.0.75 :

3D HUD v1.0

New HUD , fully 3D, currently still in beta.

HitBox System v3.3

Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 400 s
Damage Multiplier : x5
Stats Change :
- Less 20% : increase Heartbeat
- Less 20% : decrease body regen

Regen Ability v1.0

New Nanosuit Ability, can temporarily increase the regeneration of body parts.


- decrease bobbing ( -50% )

Extreme Immersive Mod v3.0.75 ( 3D Hud Test )


Extreme Immersive Mod v3.0.71 :

ChangeLog 3.0.71 :

HitBox System v3.2

System completely redone.

Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 421 s
Damage Multiplier : x10
Stats Change :
- Less 20% : Mouse Accellerat

Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 400 s
Damage Multiplier : x5
Stats Change :
- Less 20% : increase Heartbeat

ARM Right and Left:
Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 250 s
Damage Multiplier : x4
Stats Change :
- Less 20% : increase Mouse Accellerat
- Less 20% : increase the trouble of accuracy
- Less 20% : increase the Bobbing
- Less 20% : Desactivate the Fist Jump

Leg Right and Left:
Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 250 s
Damage Multiplier : x4
Stats Change :
- Less 20% : Desactivate the Wall Run and Wall Jump

Foot Right and Left:
Regenerate (0 to 100%) : 190 s
Damage Multiplier : x1
Stats Change :
- Less 20% : Desactivate the Wall climb

Heartbeat System v3.1

System completely redone.
Indicator of elevated heartbeat too (audio and text). Warning , a pulse too elevated for more than 7 second can kill you.


- Fix Sharpen Filter
- Fix Dof
- Speed-up System is off
- Slow Motion is off
- Fix blur