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Article written by : Janice Jenkins,
Business card printing can make a difference in your career, and make a difference in your business.

You just need the right kind of business card printing and design that really works on people.

Doing this requires more than business card printing online with special features. You need a decisive

and concerted effort in design that is built to make a difference.

In this article, I will teach you how to make those color business cards that make a difference. Below are

 a few tips that should help you achieve that goal. 

Adding a memorable design feature:

Business cards that make a difference have features that make them memorable.

So in creating your own business cards, you must think of an original design element

 that people (can) easily remember. This (ususally is)  your unique logo, an eye catching business card
design, and a special effect in the make of the business card or even some kind of special ink that makes your
business card  glint in the light.  Try to ask your business card  printing service if they have these special
features available for you.

 A slogan that sticks:

Slogans can also make a difference when you print them in business cards

It can either be your own personal motto or the company tag line. Whatever the case, it should be catchy,

with deep meaning and a personal effect on your readers. It is best to keep it as short as possible so that

people will not have a hard time remembering it. Place it below your name or the company's name. This

should basically the "last" word that people will read so that they can remember what your business card

 is all about.

An original theme:

Now, to really make a difference with your business cards, you must use
an original design theme for it. 
(Chubby size cards like the one pictured on
the left attract attention because of their odd size, available at*)
Try not to use machine made or printer made business card templates.
Those templates run the risk of making you look uncreative and boring.
An original theme makes sense because you can make something that is
uniquely yours that most opportune business contacts will identify you with.  So always try  to design your
own, or hire a designer to do your vision.


Printing that impresses:

Making a difference also means physically looking different in terms of business card. More particularly,

 the materials of your business card printing must be very impressive for your readers. High quality paper

stocks with glossy chemical treatments are always welcome so that the people reading your business card

can appreciate the professional finish that this has on the card. (Foil accents are also available at many print
shops online, as seen in this example below)   So spend some money and print your business cards with the
best materials you can buy!

Now, if you combine all these tips into one business card, then you will have that

special card that should make a difference. Business contacts will definitely remember you,

and you will be impressing them and earning their respect with your great business card design. So make it

a point to think carefully about business card printing and use it to make a difference.

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