Planning for Extended Stays for Business or Vacation

Dealing with extended stay housing in Tucson is a great business; it's ever changing and we get to deal with some really great clients on both sides of the deal.  Whether it's business folks or vacationers looking for a 'home away from home' for a while during their time in Tucson, or property owners looking to share their place on a short term rental basis, we enjoy all the interactions and we're always ready to help you at www.TucsonCorporateHousing.net

We also like to keep everyone informed with interesting industry related information.  And with that in mind, we hope you'll find the following article interesting and of some use to you.

Greetings, everyone. This month, I caught up with Cassandra Rollins, the general manager for Sabre Hotel RFP. We talked about several topics I think you’ll find interesting, including what is the Sabre Hotel RFP?

Sabre Hotel RFP creates an online marketplace for hoteliers to negotiate with corporations and travel agencies for their corporate travel programs.

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What does Sabre Hotel RFP mean to hoteliers?

Hoteliers and chains can really benefit from connecting with corporate buyers. They get opportunities to respond to direct bids that come directly from corporate buyers, and they also have an opportunity to compete for what we call competitive bids. Those are prequalified market leads. You can’t get prequalified leads anywhere else other than Sabre Hotel RFP.

Should hoteliers respond to every RFP?

Absolutely. Even when the answer is “No, thank you,” responding to corporate buyers keeps the door open for opportunities in the future.

What are some of the biggest challenges corporate travel buyers face when they are trying to source and negotiate with hotels?

The rights in some of the larger cities continue to be a challenge, but surprisingly, one of the other challenges they face is getting hotels and chains to respond to their bid requests. The other aspect of it is keeping the hotel contact information fresh, because sales organizations tend to turn over a lot, so it’s really important to keep that contact information fresh. So that’s another challenge we try to help travel buyers with.

How can the Sabre Hotel RFP help hotels in less popular corporate travel cities?

Absolutely. Corporate buyers travel everywhere, not just metro cities. Corporate travel programs or corporate hotel programs require hotels in outlying cities as well, and the RFP tools are used to negotiate those properties in addition to the metro and chains.

What are some other things you can reveal about travel buyer shopping habits that might help hotels win this business?

It’s really important to make sure that you honor rights when it comes to the negotiation process. If travel buyers or their travelers are not seeing the rights they negotiated at the time of booking, that creates a huge challenge for a hotel and for a buyer. As a result, some of the penalties can be as severe as taking a hotel out of their program, so it’s really critical that hotels are honoring the rights they negotiated and regularly auditing those rights to make sure they’re available in various distribution channels. Doing so will help them be a more proactive partner with these corporations, and it could reveal new opportunities, so that’s one key point that hotels can use in getting closer to corporate travel buyers.

The other is really keeping communication open, so keeping that contact information fresh, communicating with corporations and agencies and being responsible when they’re in the bidding process will help them maintain great relationships that can grow with corporate travel.

This has been a great conversation today. Can I ask you to summarize some of which we talked about?

Hotel RFP is a great way to get your foot in the door with corporate business. Corporations negotiate for room nights and rates on a large scale volume. Just using our system in the past year, corporate travel buyers solicited over 77 million room nights and rates. That equaled about, nearly 10.5 billion in travel spend across the world, so you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.