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is my (I am Simon Bishop, hello !) creative art website. It contains art work, photography and texts.
These have often involve exploring event and place in images and words. 

Artworks - a section of the website is found as a sub-page at the very bottom of this page.

Different People   contains some photographs of mine inspired by photographic artists such as Cartier-Bresson, Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Robert Doisneau. The accompanying text tries to give the historical and creative context to the images. 
Wimbledon in the Rain is the last part of a projected book: A Day at Wimbledon, and is a narrative of a visit to that so typically English event.

I have always loved writing and have written poetry from an early age. The Garden contains poems and songs inspired by events both within and outside the old brick walls of a typical old english garden. The last poem, (with the property's takeover by philistines), has alas proved only too prophetic.
Paul Nash: Spirit of Place analyses the great British artist's period in wartime Oxford. It looks at the themes he was
preoccupied with and his artistic processes. 

Media work has included a BBC Academy award winning best national radio documentary. This was on a beautiful but neglected piece of regency Manchester architecture and helped me gain a distinction in a Certificate of Media Competence. I afterwards added an HND in Fine Art and Printmaking. 

Simon Bishop.
I am contactable at simonjartbishop@hotmail.com
ARIEL'S SONG: A Play.   
Coming soon to the website.
 Using the idea of infinitely journeying particles as described by quantum physics, 'Ariel's Song' looks at individual artist's choices and thought selections. This is explored largely through the character of A2, a modern, 'quantum' Ariel, as he is involved in William Shakespeare's masterpiece, "The Tempest".  Yes, A2 is the latest  manifestation of Ariel, airy spirit and Prospero's enchanting special agent. In quantum physics only a very high energy particle accelerator - such as the extraordinary Hadron Collider in Switzerland - can observe and record the Higg's Boson, the elemental particle - and it takes something pretty nifty to catch Ariel, too. Perhaps it is not so surprising that the Bard should have foreseen quantum physics - he seems to have thought of most everything else. A2 is not as fast as Ariel, though like the author he can usually think pretty quickly on his feet.
      "Ariel's Song" has a number of other 'techy' characters, as befits our modern Internet world. They are all essential parts of the play's specific though infinitely possible being. I hope you will enjoy the touching finale where ... but I hope you will not mind waiting for that, thus making one of our many mini decisions in life ... like haphazardly tuning in to that digital radio station at that particular moment to unexpectedly hear that particular old song... .  It can all lead to dramatic and unexpected turns of events.
 Page from Paul Nash essay.
Song: Dance of the Sun-flowers (From The Garden - poems)

 Dance of the Sun-flowers  ( see The Garden - texts)
                                                                                                      Paul Nash - Spirit of Place (see texts)       
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