Samantha Sherer  

(416) 459-1907  

I offer Clinical Supervision for 
Arts-based therapists and Psychotherapists

The Goals Of Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is a formal process of professional support and learning, which addresses issues relevant to clinical safety, skill and knowledge development, support and debriefing and quality control.  Its goal is to enable you as a clinician to:

  • Enhance client protection and ensure safe high quality client care with strict adherence to all legal and ethical concerns
  • Develop knowledge and skills competence
  • Reflect and receive feedback on the content and process of your work
  • Explore ethical implications and associated work dilemmas within your practice
  • Assume greater responsibility for your practice
  • Clarify boundaries between yourself as the practitioner and the consumer, clinical supervisor, agency manager, and others such as referring agents
  • Plan and utilize your personal and professional resources more effectively
  • Develop accountability for the quality of your work and possibly offer assurances to those who monitor your accountability.
  • Identify measures to manage your workplace stressors


Education / Credentials

  • I have been certified in Counseling and Psychotherapy by the OACCPP since 2006.  I attained my diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy from ISIS in 2002 and my Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD in 1994. I seek ongoing education as part of my professional commitment to provide my clients with the most current treatment modalities. I am bound by the Code of Ethics of the OACCPP and engage in my own clinical supervision as required by them.
  • I have been working directly with clients since 2002; with individuals, groups, and families in many settings including hospital mental health units, family counseling agencies as well as agencies specializing in women’s issues and eating disorders.   My theoretical orientation is integrative and client-centered. I use techniques from Expressive Arts Therapy theories along with DBT, and Mindfulness as well as from many other psychological frameworks and orientations.

Content Of Supervision

The focus of each session will include review/progress of:

1. Ongoing clinical work including formulation of the problem and intentions regarding interventions. We will consider:
  • The methods and modalities of your clinical practice
  • Concerns you have in relation to any aspect of a case or client
  • Lack of progress or difficulties with a client
  • Recognition and identification of pathologies
  • Ensuring that diagnosis is obtained from qualified practitioner when required
2. Adherence to all applicable legislation with regard to practicing the Protected Act of Psychotherapy

3. Adhering to ethical principles, professional practices and compliance with codes of conduct as outlined      by the OACCPP and/or the College of Psychotherapists

4. Getting feedback on transference/counter-transference issues including
  • Awareness of the potential impact of your personal values on your clinical practice
  • Issues related to establishing and maintaining appropriate boundaries with a client
  • Identification of any negative impact on you from a case you are managing

5. Development of modality specific skills including:
  • Professional identity and role development
  • Skill and knowledge development
  • Issues related to workload managementand career development.


Structure Of Supervision

  • As your clinical supervisory, we will meet for supervision for 1-2 hours each month depending on your caseload and needs. 
  • Cancelation policy requires 24 hours notice or a fee for a missed appointment will be charged.  You will be expected to reschedule any missed appointments to the best of your ability to ensure that you are meeting a minimum requirement of supervision to satisfy the OACCPP or the College of Psychotherapists.
  • I will offer you the same courtesy of 24-hour cancellation and will make every effort to reschedule you in a timely manner.


Responsibilities of Supervisor

  • Supervision is designed to assist you in improving psychotherapy skills, case conceptualization skills, personal growth and professional identity.
  • It is also my ethical responsibility to monitor client care. This is accomplished by reviewing your clinical records keeping practices, requiring you to discuss your cases and provide rationale for your clinical decisions and by providing feedback and recommendations to improve client care.   Supervision is not intended to be punitive and my goal is to create a safe and supportive place for you to discuss your concerns authentically without fear of repercussions.  While occasionally steps may be required to ensure client safety, in general you can expect constructive mentoring and guidance from me.
  • It may become a requirement that I perform an evaluation, either verbally or in writing to comply with changing legislation regarding Psychotherapy as a protected act.
  • I will maintain records of supervision that will be kept in my confidential file storage.
  • You can expect to receive verbal feedback from me regarding each session and written feedback when required.

Responsibilities of Supervisee

  • Supervisees are expected to come to sessions prepared with their case list, case conceptualizations, documentation of goals and progress (no identifying details, use pseudonyms) and requests for help as well as any completed homework they may have been given. Note case files should be carried in locked briefcases or password protected documents.
  • Supervision has both benefits and risks. The benefits include personal and professional growth and increased comfort and skills in counseling and case conceptualization. The risks include experiencing discomfort due to challenge, anxiety, frustration or confusion. I believe that discomfort is part of the growth process. I encourage supervises to discuss with me any feelings they experience during this process. If you should need to contact me between sessions, I can be available at times,  however, in an emergency you should call for the appropriate emergency supports (ie. 911, CAS etc…)
  • Supervision is not intended to provide personal therapy for the supervisee. If personal concerns arise that interfere in supervisees functioning, I will encourage them to seek therapy.
  • It is expected that supervisees will maintain their own notes of supervision including:

a.    Date of session

b.    Cases discussed

c.     Recommendations made

d.    Outcomes of previous recommendations

e.    Professional and other issues raised in supervision

f.      A reflective diary of your supervision and professional growth, which may form part of your professional development portfolio.


Expected Outcomes

It is expected that supervisees will develop their professional skills in the area of Expressive Arts Therapy and or Psychotherapy in such a manner that they will practice in legal, safe, ethical and sustainable ways.


Samantha Sherer  
(416) 459-1907  

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