Couples Counseling

Samantha Sherer  

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Relationship Counselling  Sometimes couples need a little help to get them through a bad patch.  I offer services to all couples including same sex partners and support for gay marriages.  My practice is open to diverse peoples and is LGBQT friendly.

I help couples to find a place of mutual understanding, to remind couples of their compatibility and their differences.  We can work together to find a place of mutual understanding and acceptance of each other and the relationship.  

Through counselling I can help you develop better communication and conflict resolution.  We can work together or individually to find your voice, ask for what you need, develop compassion for each other and yourselves.  

With awareness & support you can shape the relationship you want.  

Step Parenting   Many Step-mothers are surprised to learn that parenting their partner's child is hard! Some stepmom’s need a safe place to talk about the things that are coming up in their role as a stepmom.  They can feel like a third wheel in their own families.

The pressures of being a step mom can be very overwhelming and often women are left with a feeling of shame, rejection and failure.  Too often, women isolate themselves when they are feeling this way.  They want to hide from others and try to "fix" the problem themselves.  

Often they realize too late that the pressures of parenting have damaged their foundling marriage, leaving them without even their partner to share their difficult feelings.

My practice offers a safe place to bring these and other feelings you may have about your position within your new family.  I offer emotional support for the journey as well as practical problem solving strategies derived from the research and experience of working with many blended families.


Samantha offers Step-moms

·       Emotional support for the complicated feelings of parenting their partner’s child,

·       A chance to problem solve the challenges of being a Step-mother 

·       Skills to navigate co-parenting with their partner’s former partner

·       Skills to care for themselves while Step-parenting

·       Skills for keeping the marital relationship loving and healthy 


Often clients seek my help in exploring problems that may be poking through in their day to day lives and relationships.  Maybe they have identified some symptoms or maybe they just feel sad, angry or hopeless... In one-on-one work as an art therapist or psychotherapist I address these underlying issues that can damage existing relationships and make forming new relationships very difficult.

  • low self-esteem, 
  • depression, 
  • anger, 
  • anxiety, 
  • perfectionism and 
  • eating disorders.   
I work with clients to develop more holistic Life Skills in order to feel better prepared for future crisis or difficulties and to prepare them to create the relationships they want.
  • Boundaries
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Mindfulness
  • Identifying Cognitive Distortions
I also have extensive experience in Psychotherapy and ADL Skills Counseling for adults experiencing acute and persistent mental illness.

 "Its amazing how many things are NOT the end of the world"   
Emotional Mindfulness Client

Samantha Sherer  
(416) 459-1907 

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