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Samantha Sherer RP, EAT, C(OACCPP)
416 459-1907
Registered Psychotherapist 
Expressive Arts Therapist
Certified Counsellor
Near Ossington Subway Station

When you struggle with the same problems day after day 

When you feel defeated, miserable, like you've tried everything 

When everyone's advice starts to sound the same 

It may be time to try something new.

Often clients seek my help in exploring problems that may be poking through in their day to day lives and relationships.  Maybe they have identified some symptoms or maybe they just feel sad, angry or hopeless and are unsure why.  In one-on-one work as an art therapist or psychotherapist I address these underlying issues that can damage existing Family or Marital Relationships and make forming new relationships very difficult.

   low self-esteem




   perfectionism and 

   eating disorders


I work with clients to develop more holistic Life Skills in order to feel better prepared for future crisis or difficulties and to prepare them to create the relationships they want.


   Emotion Regulation


   Identifying Cognitive Distortions

I also have extensive experience in Psychotherapy and ADL Skills counseling for adults experiencing acute and persistent mental illness.  

My work with Emotional Mindfulness; 
blending Mindfulness techniques with Art Therapy and DBT is particularly helpful for those diagnosed with Personality Disorders ("Borderlines" welcome!) , PTSD, Trauma and Eating Disorders.  I work with clients first to develop Emotional Life Skills to feel better prepared for future crisis or difficulties.  LBGQT friendly.

"Its amazing how many things are NOT the end of the world"

Emotional Mindfulness Client

Areas of Expertise & Experience

I currently offer Psychotherapy, Counseling and ArtsTherapy to youth and adults in one-on-one, couples and groups  

Psychotherapy   I work holistically; by discovering possible underlying issues rather than dealing directly with symptoms presented. I prefer not to pathologize or label behaviours. Confronting and managing these underlying issues frequently results in the symptoms dissipating on their own. This is particularly true of symptoms related to eating disorders, depression and trauma. 

Couples Counselling  Sometimes couples need a little help to get them through a bad patch.  I offer services to all couples including same sex partners and support for gay marriages.  My practice is open to diverse peoples and is LGBQT friendly.

Coping with Divorce  I work collaboratively with families, going through a separation or divorce.  I can help all family members experiencing the separation to cope with grief and loss.  I also offer counselling support for parents to develop a successful co-parenting relationship, so that you can move ahead with your life.  I offer additional support for step-parents to find their new role in the family.  With a little counselling support, endings become beginnings!  For re-partnering and blended families 

Art Therapy   For clients seeking expressive art therapy I use five types of art (visual, movement, drama, music, poetry) as a means of self-discovery. Since the work decentres from the issues, clients have an opportunity to see themselves and their behaviour from a different point of view and develop insight. We process new awareness through talk-therapy. It's an essential part of each session including practical application of insight to develop new, healthy behaviour patterns.  Some people choose to move between talk therapy and expressive arts therapy depending on the issues they are working on.  Clients can decide for each session if they prefer art therapy or talk therapy.

I help people feel better 

                so that they can live the life they want  

Sound too good to be true? 

Art therapy is a really different way of looking at yourself and your life so that you can figure out what needs to change & how to change it.
You don't need to have any experience, skills or talent in the arts and you don't need to buy any materials or "extras."  

I guide you through art-making activities that help you see your problems or concerns differently.   

You get new perspective and through our counseling discussion and processing you get new insights and new ideas of how to change your ways, so that you can create the life you want.  

You also get a copy of session notes so that any new ideas don't get lost once you leave the therapy session.

Sessions are not art classes                    No art experience required


Expressive Arts Skill-Share and Mentoring 

Hosted by Samantha Sherer & Kathleen Rea

A place for emerging arts-based therapists to grow 

with support from experienced practitioners

Meet monthly with other arts-based facilitators 

Beginning February 10, 2013

Step Mother's Support Group 

A weekly support group for Stepmoms

Get emotional support, practical advice

and feel less alone

as you struggle with the joys and challenges 

of being a stepmom

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