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Language + Identity, Music and Dancing Workshops. 24th November

posted Nov 27, 2010, 12:23 AM by Carlos Trueba   [ updated Jan 4, 2011, 4:23 AM by jenny wesly ]

On November 24 Els Schellekens and Jenny Wesly gave a workshop to 15 participants about Identity and Language. We used personal story telling, identity circles were made in which the important issues in each persons's lives were made visible and we worked on expressing emotions and the different words in the participating languages to express those emotions. The circles have been published: The original circles will be returned via the coordinators in May, during the next meeting in Norway. The photos and video fragment will give you an impression of the workshop, which was a great joy to offer!

Arancha Ruiz (Spanish teacher) attended the Language and Music Workshop and wants to share her experience: 

We all had a great time in Marja and Herby’s workshop thanks to their enthusiasm and the way they conducted the session. Following a warm-up in the form of a succession of our national anthems (which we all proudly sang together), they taught us a song in Dutch and another one in Surinamese. Two very different but connected languages that ended up sounding very familiar to all of us there! Then Herby returned the favour by singing in all of our languages, a real challenge which he passed with flying colours!

I think the lesson we all learnt through the experience was that music, not just English, is an international language.


Arancha Ruiz

Identity and Language

Workshop Identity and Language by Els Schellekens and Jenny Wesly ‎‎(The Netherlands)‎‎

Workshop Identity and Language photos and Identity Circles