Weakness -- in the Perp System

Weaknesses in the Gang-Stalking System
  • Gas: Attack their finances -- vehicles that stalk you -- the price of gas is high -- lead them on wild goose chases -- especially at odd unpredictable hours.
  • Bicycle:  Take joy rides on a bicycle -- with no notice -- zig-zag routes -- to unpredictable locations -- make them earn their joy -- but drive careful -- because this will annoy them.
  • Predictable: "Experienced" TIs can predict -- where & when stalkers will show up -- the location within a business -- where Perps slander TIs.
  • Outgoing Mail: Drop only one envelope into a mailbox at a time, at unpredictable times, no special stamps, bought one page at a time, from different places, reconsider return address usage.
How to Get to Them:
  • Say the word "vigilante" a lot.
  • Take videos of them -- try not to look like the stalkers you detest.
  • Speak out -- pass out literature.
  • Create a web presence.
  • Do anything that makes it hard for them to follow you.
  • Ride a bicycle -- it's harder to stalk you.
You are Piercing the Armor:
  • When they complain about you -- when they try shaming to do/not do something.
  • When they threaten you.
  • How to improve this page -- use the talk show or chat room
  • Leave a tip on the tip line -- check back to make sure it was received.