Wanted -- Things Van's Looking 4

  1. Wanted: A program to copy this web site into a directory on a local hard drive -- so that I can ZIP it -- and anybody can easily have a copy of this public domain web site on their own hard drive -- and hopefully some of them will republish this web site many times as an open Internet web site:
    1. Desirable for the resulting web site to look like this source site -- no ads, no shenanigans.
    2. Perhaps convert the content into a plain jane HTML single directory web site.
      • Also consider; text files, Drupal, Joomla, format.
    3. Thank you Guardian Angel, Guest xx, whoever you are -- for getting me to first base.
    4. This item is partially done, many thanks, but will stay on top on this list until completed.
  2. Perp Rating (PR) Script -- so one could load to load questions into the script, from the validate page -- and come up with a TI, Perp, TI-Perp rating. The visitor to the page -- would be thinking of someone -- and answer the questions on where they feel this person would apply. Each question would be "weighted". Upon finishing the questions, the result would be -- a PR rating -- on how perpish that person is. -- The raw script should be in the Public Domain. -- I prefer not having to depend on a web service.
    1. I understand that I might have to reword the questions.
    2. It would be nice if the script was clean and easy to modify, especially the section where the questions go.
    3. This script will be used for many other things, such as zzzzzz.
    1. This item will stay highly rated until it is completed.
  3. The ability for me to maintain a file, web site, etc & have anyone able to see it occur on the web.
    1. Absolutely no plugins should be required for viewers -- they just visit a web page.
    2. Somebody suggested search terms; whiteboard, video conferencing & text conferencing.
    3. Search for programs Yawcam.
  4. How easily to mirror this web site elsewhere on the Internet.
  5. Disk-less Workstation SW for PC -- with NO writable devices -- No hard drive -- No thumb drive.
    1. For the record I've experimented with Puppy Linux & Tiny Core Linux, these are both very cool because they boot from an ISO CD, and the latest browsers are loaded automatically each time the PC reboots, and when booted from a pure write-only CD, there is no need for any local storage. Note I don't have any problem with gen'ing CDs often. These distros are huge steps in the right direction, however I am just hoping for more, such as; PDF Viewer, Flash installed, works with TalkShoe, etc. Once again, no-no-no local storage. A lot of my visitors are reporting that their Win/Mac's are compromised. It would be nice to suggest something solid to them.
  6. How to make the uploaded Google Analytics XML report interactive.
  7. Different name for this talk-show & web site:
    1. What is the most widely understood term -- as to what is happening to TIs?
    2. What are some alternatives to -- Slow Kill?
  8. Interviews Wanted:
    1. David E. Lawson -- author (one -- two) of Cause Stalking -- ISBN-13 # 978-0970309259
    2. Interview with Yvonne Hiller -- of Kraft Foods Incident.
    3. Interview of a high level perp to tell us how to strike a serious blow to the perp machine.
    4. Interview with a high level perp, who knows about scheduling administration.
    5. Interview of someone who has attended a neighborhood watch meeting.
    6. Interview with BobS about the gag order about Gang-Stalking on attorneys
    7. Interview with Derrick.
    8. Interview with a gagged professional; cop, attorney, health care, psych...
    9. Interview with Mike German (former FBI who's now a TI).
    10. Interview with Lee Adams (if by chance he's still alive).
  9. Videos links of nasty Slander occurring -- YouTubes, movies, etc...
    1. Can be anywhere in the YouTube flick, trailer, etc.
    2. Would be even better if it were Gang-Stalking related.
    3. Waking up a Covertly harassed TI