Video -- Camera Issues

Desirable Features of a Video Camera:
  • Small & concealable
  • Cheap
  • Powered by:
    • Battery operated (common batteries) or...
    • If it's rechargeable, consider getting one with a mini USB connector -- proprietary power supplies will be expensive if lost or stolen by Perps -- Picture-1 & Picture-2
  • Remote activation -- turn it on/off with a remote control device -- so that in-house surveillance of you can't see the activation occurring
    • Able to hardware disable this feature -- so an intruder can't use their own remote to deactivate it from the outside before coming in
  • Motion sensor activated -- so TI won't have to wallow through hours of useless video
  • Stores it's video files on a an SD-Ram or thumb drive
  • Infrared sensitive camera.
  • More to come -- your input is requested
Equipment to Consider:
  • Pen Camera -- You wear it in your front pocket. The camera is right above the clip. It has sound.
  • YouTube -- -- How to make video sunglasses surveillance cam.