Validate -- TI, Perp or TI-Perp

Purpose of This Web Page:
  • How to validate if a person -- is an un-compromised TI -- a Perp -- or a TI-Perp.
Issues to Beware Of:
  • Perps & TI-Perps -- they ACT & masquerade just like uncorrupted TIs.
    • If they learn your "truth test" they will change their lies -- by Acting.
  • Ask yourself the questions below -- about any person -- you will get the idea.
  • Consider how they deal with you -- and -- how they deal with others.
Whether Someone is a: TI, Perp or TI-Perp:
  1. Big Picture:
    1. How did the two of you meet, were you looking for them, or did they find you?
    2. Does your relationship with them, seem to be based on your acceptance of their viewpoint?
    3. Do they do things -- to help you -- or hinder you?
    4. Is their heart into helping you?
    5. Would they be willing to sacrifice you, to save their family, or their own skin?
  2. Interruptions:
    1. Do they interrupt you, to stop you from stating issues which don't make their point?
    2. Do they frequently exhibit disrespect for your good points?
    3. Do they frequently "happen" to phone you, or arrive just in time, to interrupt your meaningful discussion with others?
  3. Their Stories:
    1. Are their stories consistent each time you hear them, or are they always changing?
  4. Getting the Word Out -- about Gang-Stalking:
    1. Do they make any effort whatsoever -- to get the word out about Gang-Stalking?
    2. Would their actions or advice lead to NOT getting out the word about Gang-Stalking?
    3. Would their advice lead to getting an inaccurate or crazy sounding word about Gang-Stalking?
  5. Actions:
    1. Do they try to educate people about Perp-dom?
  6. Advice:
    1. Have they ever given you good advice?
    2. Do they make suggestions encouraging you to perform illegal or harmful acts?
    3. Have you ever heard them give useful advice to anybody? (was that person a TI)
    4. Have you heard them give bad advice to anyone?
    5. Do they mix good advice with bad or whacky sounding advice -- on purpose?
  7. Skepticism:
    1. Do they try to shame you for being too skeptical?
    2. Are they a skeptic?
    3. Do they challenge anyone?
  8. Trust:
    1. Could they have said something to wise you up, but didn't?
    2. Do things you reveal to them about yourself, commonly come back to haunt you?
    3. Do they play both sides of the fence?
  9. Friends:
    1. Do they have a lot of friends? (meaning they're probably not an un-compromised TI)
    2. Are they enemies with anybody? (do these people appear to be un-corrupted TIs)
  10. Cutting Slack:
    1. Who do they cut slack to?
    2. Who don't they cut slack to?
    3. Do they help cover up for other perps?
    4. Do their communications tend to favor or justify the position of perps?
  11. Perpish Acts:
    1. Do they target you or other people that appear to be un-corrupted TIs?
    2. Are they the pot always calling the kettle black?
  12. Mobbing:
    1. Do they act as a "ring leader" in the mobbing of TIs?
    2. Do they "tag along" in mobbing TIs?
  13. Truth:
    1. Do they interject confusion, which results in distortion or hiding of the truth?
    2. Do they argue with everything you say -- and against everything you stand for?
    3. Do they play a devil's advocate role -- (and if so, does it help you -- or target you)?
    4. Do they challenge untruths, when they know better -- or do they say nothing?
    5. Do they focus on the bogus, when they know better?
    6. Do they allow you and others, to believe lies, as long as it benefits them?
    7. Do their actions result is the burying or destruction of evidence?
    8. Do they twist your words?
    9. Do they intentionally omit facts -- which allow you to believe an half truth -- or an untruth?
    10. Do they go out of their way to tell you more than you asked, in order to give you a fuller picture -- which they must have known you needed to know?
    11. Are they forthcoming with truth?
    12. Do you have to beat the truth out of them?
    13. Do they flood, mob, slander, threaten, crazy talk?
  14. Manipulation:
    1. Do they act hurt if you question bunk that they've said?
    2. Do they say, "trust me" rather than addressing an issue?
    3. Do they seem to stir up conversations to frustrate the target?
  15. Ridicule:
    1. Do they ridicule people?
    2. Do they call you paranoid whenever they run out of intellectual ammunition?
  16. Criticism:
    1. Do they own up to criticism of them self -- if it is well founded?
    2. Do they criticize perps -- or do they let their actions slide?
  17. Quality of Life:
    1. Is their car new, or do they upgrade it often?
    2. Have they recently gotten a new job?
    3. Have they recently upgraded out of homelessness, or a dire situation?
  18. Tough Questions:
    1. Do they answer tough questions, or deflect & ignore them?
    2. Do they change the subject, rather than answer the question?
  19. Slander:
    1. Do they slander TIs without that person's knowledge?
    2. Do they ever point out Perps?
    3. Have they ever told anyone that someone slandered them?
    4. Do they pressure, demand or threaten anyone -- to join their slander campaign?
  20. Substance:
    1. Do they back up their statements with examples, when requested?
  21. Communication:
    1. Do they address tough questions head on, or do they deflect & ignore? (best)
    2. Do their disagreements with your viewpoint appear to be in-sincere?
    3. Do they whisper, and make sure nobody can hear?
  22. Flooding:
    1. Do they flood meaningful discussions with off topic talk?
  23. Setups:
    1. Do they try to set you up?
    2. Do they warn you of setups coming your way, or do they say nothing?
    3. Do they try to make friends with you, and then set you up?
  • TI:
    • An uncorrupted Targeted Individual (TI).

  • Perp:
    • Has never been a TI -- and who targets TIs & TI - Perps.
  • TI - Perp:
    • Started out as an uncorrupted TI.
    • Accepted a corrupting deal or a threat -- sold their soul to become a TI - Perp.
    • The TI - Perp targets other TIs -- but still gets targeted them self.