Timeline -- Vancouver's Targeting

  • 1985 -- In 1985 I was working on a project -- that didn't seem like a security issue to me at the time -- but thinking back, now I can see that I was being surveilled. Plus I had a few beer drinking friends who stated they had clearances -- although never discussed anything about their work, and I never asked.
  • 1994 -- Covert Phase -- In 1994 my subtle harassment started. Yet it wasn't until 2010 that I discovered the terms; Targeted Individual (TI) -- and Gang-Stalking.

    That's because the government does not want word to get out about Gang-Stalking -- to either TIs -- or to the world. But if word does get out -- they want it to sound crazy -- this explains all the dis-information -- and all the crazy sounding talk -- surrounding this issue.

    I have been placed in a
    Psyop -- called Gang-Stalking -- now I am spreading the word -- to help wise up everyone to the scam -- but especially unaware TIs.. See Five Phases a TI can Endure
  • May-2002 -- I advised the FBI of corruption -- which I had observed on the Internet.
    • Contacting law enforcement may actually have contributed to my targeting. I recommend, that TIs never contact any form of law enforcement -- of course I didn't know I was a TI in the Covert Phase at the time, or even what that meant.
  • Fall-2005 -- Relocated to a new zip code -- following a blowup with old time friend.
  • Apr-15-2006 -- Overt Phase -- Per the protocol, this is when they wanted me to know I was being stalked, harassed, and slandered. However I didn't become "aware" that it was "organized", until four years later, in the "Aware TI Phase". Stalking & tinnitus began.
  • Feb-09-2007 -- Approximately twice a week, at random times, I had been driving Southbound on I-205 from Vancouver, WA into Portland, OR. On these trips, I began to notice cars boxing me in. I generally drive in the left lane on the freeway. The mob had a vehicle in front, one tailgating me, and two cars to the right lane veering regularly into my lane -- there was no way to escape the "box". This scenario happened perhaps 6-8 times. I did not document these occurrences -- as it did not occur to me to do so. On one trip, a white 1999 GMC Sierra, with a young woman driving, slammed on her brakes in front of me, for no apparent reason. I could have stopped in time, but a split second later, the car behind me, which was being driven by a young man, with a female passenger, tapped me into the truck in front of me. I saw no damage to the rear of my truck, so we both agreed he could leave. This was the first accident I'd had in over a decade, and my insurance rates increased 2 1/2 times, because of the $1500 of supposed damage to her truck. At the time -- I did not relate this incident -- to the Overt Harassment that I had been subjected for the prior 10 months. However, 3 years later, after I became an Aware-TI, I learned the concept of Vehicle Mobbing, which happens frequently to Targeted Individuals -- I also learned of the FBI's floating box system of harassment and surveillance. I now believe this "accident" was intentional -- and the "skilled tap" by the guy following me insured there would be an "accident". However as is so common with TIs, there is no proof. Especially when dealing with organized crime -- and in this case it was an Interstate Crime. Incidentally, my insurance adjuster strongly suggested that I "not" file an accident report with the State of Oregon -- as one was not "necessary". I suspect insurance companies know who the TIs and the Perps are.
  • Dec-2007 -- Relocated to a new zip code -- the targeting followed me.
  • 2008 -- In the year 2008 I speculated to myself, that my harassment may have been launched due to my outspokenness on the Internet about a corporation. The harassment ceased during the 2-3 month period that I removed the text -- I am sorry, but I can not remember the exact months. I was infuriated to think that someone could inflict harassment on me for speaking the truth about dirty corporate tactics. So I put the text back up -- and my harassment continued -- with interest -- and has been ongoing ever since.
  • Mon-May-03-2010 -- On the street, I advised a City of Vancouver, WA police officer that I was being harassed. She could have wised me up -- but said nothing. Since that time I've learned -- police are gagged from wising up people about harassment or stalking -- in fact I was lucky that she didn't have me committed for psychiatric "care" for even discussing it. I repeat -- TIs should never contact law enforcement.
  • Mon-May-10-2010 -- Aware TI Phase -- Seven days after talking to the cop -- I became an "Aware TI". Even though I had been "overtly" harassed and slandered for 4 years -- I was shocked to learn that it is an "Organized" protocol -- known as Gang-Stalking. I discovered this on a blog posting at PortlandMercury.com -- left there by GangStalkingWorld.com -- I will be forever grateful for their posting and web site. I hope that site hasn't become infiltrated -- or flooded by Perps and crazy sounding talk.
    • I immediately began mentioning Gang-Stalking to many people -- my targeting increased significantly from that point on.
  • Mid Aug-2010 -- I discovered the so-called TI "community" at TalkShoe.com.
    • Initially I naively mistook it as a community of uncorrupted TIs -- but I later learned it is largely dominated by TI who have been "turned" into Perps -- and Perps masquerading as "pure" (uncorrupted) TIs.
  • Sat-Aug-28-2010 -- I began hosting my own talk show #87161 at TalkShoe.com. I was determined to focus on Gang-Stalking -- and avoid all the crazy sounding talk that the other TI talk shows were being flooded with. I conducted a number of interviews on the subject of Gang-Stalking.
  • Nov-Dec-2010 -- Numerous interviewees and callers to my show -- began reporting increased targeting on the street -- about things they had said on my talk show & recordings. Their "street theater" harassment -- and online harassment -- were working seamlessly together. I had personally encountered increased online and street targeting -- however, I was surprised -- by the reports that it was happening to participants of my talk show as well. Clearly the Perps didn't want un-corrupted TI talk shows around. Today most people only log into my chat room as a Guest, rather than a pseudo-name.
  • Sat-Nov-27-2010 -- I chastised Freedom FCHS in the chat room of their talk show -- during the regularly scheduled Saturday evening conference call. They had been sponsoring numerous talk shows -- with repeated "extreme" crazy talk. The focus FFCHS's talk shows -- had nothing to do with TI issues -- this discredited TI issue to anyone listening. FFCHS did not acknowledge or address their issues -- and it's still going on today -- five months later in May-2011.

    Targeted Individuals (TIs) are in a life or death battle -- and FFCHS is the "only" place to turn for help. Yet FFCHS seems to be in a ploy -- to discredit the very TIs -- who they are supposedly trying to help. I had overheard many everyday people -- snicker about the continual crazy sounding talk on the many TI talk shows. FFCHS was clearly adding fuel to the fire
    The text I entered into the chat room that evening -- is still visible at
    Chat Grabber. It's on FFCHS's talk show #66339 -- episode #151 -- I was logged in as Guest 29, followed by Guest 53, then Guest 71. The following Saturday was episode #152 and I was Guest 44.
  • Sat-Dec-04-2010 -- First food poisoning/drugging (devastating), from a product I used to purchase "each" time I visited a local convenience store -- I concluded that a Perp must have sabotaged the container that I was most likely to choose -- in anticipation of my arrival at the store. Some would say -- it was just a coincidence that I was poisoned/drugged, exactly 7 days following my chastising of FFCHS -- in the chat room the previous week -- and on the morning before the next regularly scheduled Saturday evening conference call. I have no idea who poison/drugged me -- but this was a clear message to me -- from somebody -- who did not want me to challenge the FFCHS crazy sounding talk shows.
    • The effects of this food poisoning/drugging seem to have stabilized (as of May-2011). My dexterity has returned to normal; I can now shave, brush my teeth, type, walk with no limp, and my hand writing is back to normal. My memory has always worked fine, even while I was affected by whatever had happened to me. However a 10-20% "drunken sounding" speech slur remains. Listen to any of my recordings before vs. after Dec-04-2010 -- to hear how this incident affected my speech.
  • Fri-Dec-10-2010 -- Second food poisoning/drugging (medium impact) at a locally owned restaurant that I used to frequent "each" Friday night. I have not been back there since.
  • Mid-Dec-2010 -- Third food poisoning/drugging (minimal but noticeable) at a corporate deli.

    Three times now, the Perps had poisoned/drugged my food -- at places I visited often -- and they wanted me to know -- but not be able to prove -- that they were doing it. I took it as a clear message they wanted me to shut my talk show down -- the Perps did not want word about Gang-Stalking to get out -- because I would not entertain the crazy talk that an army of Perps were continually attempting to interject into each show.

    This crazy talkers in the TI / Perp "community" at TalkShoe, diagnosed me from afar, saying I must have been affected by some sort of black magic "tech" -- another one of their crazy sounding hair-brain theories. This was yet another attempt by the Perps to make any word about Gang-Stalking to sound crazy.
  • Wed-Dec-22-2010 -- In-home toxic fumes campaign began, which required outside air ventilation. The smells were of chemicals, carbon monoxide, and other fumes -- they continued on and off for approximately 2-3 months, on intermittent days, 2-4 times a day, for about 1 hour at a time.

    My cat jumped onto my lap one time, with fur that was fumigated with the toxic smell, having obviously been close to where it was originating from, but I could not find the source within my messy apartment. The crazy talkers in the TI / Perp community claimed black magic "tech" made me "think" I was smelling odors. I never heard one of their hair-brain theories for the smell in the cat's fur.
  • Sun-Jan-02-2011 -- TalkShoe.com ceases displaying 5-6 "independent" TI talk shows as "live now" -- which immediately wiped out the traffic to my show, and the others. However the FFCHS (self anointed leaders & crazy talkers) show #66339, their sponsored shows, and a small handful of other TI shows at TalkShoe were not affected -- and were still being promoted when they were live.
  • Tue-Feb-01-2011 -- Like a number of other TIs, I heard tapping on my walls many times before. But on this date I heard an aggressive banging on the ceiling above me. One time a person on the floor below me, said she could hear it clear down there. But the next time it happened, they claimed someone must be pounding down carpet tacking -- which is ludicrous -- since it happens so often. Wall tapping usually came from the apartment on either side of me; left or right. But a couple of times, the banging started on one side, and a few minutes later the Perp moved to the apartment on the other side. It appeared to me that the wall tapping Perp must have keys to the place.

    I recorded the tapping a few times, and replayed it onto a few talk shows -- which I realize proved nothing. But it stopped the crazy talkers in the TI / Perp community, from saying I was imagining the sound because of black magic -- the ludicrous "tech" must not have affected my Sony recorder. T
    hese wackos have a far fetched explanation for everything -- and continually flood Gang-Stalking discussions with crazy talk -- to take the attention off of Gang-Stalking! This "noise campaign" continued for many months (and is still occurring intermittently as of May-2011).

  • Early Feb-2011 -- After a month of non promotion -- TalkShoe uneventfully resumed displaying the independent TI talk shows on the "live now" page -- and the traffic to the shows resumed. The FFCHS crazy talking sponsored shows were unaffected -- all along.
    • For the record, I realize that any de-listing of shows by TalkShoe -- would have just been complying with government mandates for all of these shows. The gov does not want word to get out about their Gang-Stalking / Vigilante In-Justice / Black-Listing. But if word does get out -- they want it to be flooded -- with crazy sounding talk.
  • Wed-Feb-09-2011 -- I purchased the Internet domain, VancouverWaTi.com, and renamed my TalkShoe handle "to" that name -- from Vancouver_WA_TI. Building traffic to this domain provides an alternate avenue to get the word out, in case TalkShoe ever stops displaying my show #87161 as live again.
  • Sun-Feb-13-2011 -- After re-engaging with my show, I did my first interview in 6 weeks. During my six weeks of non recording -- I had been visiting the chat rooms of other TI shows, many hours, every day.
  • Mon-Feb-21-2011 -- Purchased Internet Domain www.ExposeGangStalking.com -- which started out as a summary, then expanded it into a fuller Gang-Stalking centric content.
  • Tue-Mar-29-2011 -- Published Audio #1078: Agent 9 -- Perp Spills Beans #1.
    • The Agent 9 interviews were a Big Break -- with critical info -- pertinent to TIs.
    • Five Phases a TI can Endure -- is based, in part, on info from Agent 9 interviews.
  • Thu-Mar-31-2011 -- Published Audio #1079: Agent 9 -- Perp Spills Beans #2.
    • Agent 9 has not been back since then -- only a couple of obvious imposters.
  • Early-Apr-2011 -- The Agent 9 interviews -- for the first time -- spurred a significant amount of open discussion in the TI "community" on the TalkShoe TI shows -- about the Mafia / Government / Perps forcing TIs to be jobless and homelesness -- and at their lowest point -- with no other choice -- endeavoring to corrupt them -- into actually becoming a Green Perp.
  • Sun-Apr-24-2011 -- Purchased www.ExposeVigilantism.com, a day after I perceived that the two Ohio crazy talker web sites -- the self anointed leaders of TIs -- avoid using the word VIGILANTE -- that term was virtually non-existent on those two web sites, as of this writing.
  • Fri-May-20-2011 -- Bob in San Diego's TI talk show call was removed from FFCHS's promotion page, and his traffic plummeted down to near zero. He has been Gang-Stalked for about 15 years & does not discuss much else past Gang-Stalking. Every Friday Night @ 9 PM EST (since 2008)
    Call: 1-218-862-6400 -- Access Code: 4436672.
  • Mon-Oct-03-2011 -- Began speaking out nightly on a FRS & CB radios (Family Radio Service & Citizens Band) -- presently FRS #8 & CB #8, each night @ 8 PM PST. The signal carries about 1-2 miles from downtown Vancouver old Academy District.
Moral of the Story:
  • The gov does not want word about their Gang-Stalking -- Vigilante Justice -- Black-Listing to get out.
  • But if word does get out -- they want it to be flooded with un-Earthly CRAZY sounding talk.