Tactics -- by Perps

Perp Tactics -- Hush, Flood, Derail, Disinfo
  • Perps do not want permanent credible audio recordings, of talk shows which expose Gang-Stalking. And they have a hundred reasons why they should not be developed.
  • Perps do not want Targeted Individuals (TI's) to find or associate with one another. They want to keep TI's isolated "loners".
  • Perps do not want TI's to have a method to communicate privately, have anti surveillance equipment, or hook up with Truthers.
  • Perps do not want enlightening discussions taking place, in either TI chat rooms or on calls. So when the information starts getting useful -- TIs-turned-Perp quickly arrive to derail the subject by flooding it with gibberish, crazy sounding talk, or unacceptable audio. Sometimes people's Internet services mysteriously become faulty.
  • Perps do not want any talk about Scientology, CCHR (Citizens Commission for Human Rights), or the Fair Game protocol , which is similar to Gang-Stalking. They want TI's to continually attack psychs, doctors and prescription meds.