Stupidware -- Automated Typos

Stupidware -- Spyware Designed to Make You Look Stupid:

Text Summary:
  • Errors mysteriously appear in your text -- even after you've double checked them.
  • Words are dropped out and added in.
  • Most "mistakes" pass the spell checker.
  • Stupid word replacements -- typos such as:
    • "types", "typos" -- it actually happened when I published this page.
    • "to", "too", "two"
  • Words mysteriously appear -- some words you've never heard of or used.
  • Sentences you type in -- are turned into gibberish.
  • Many programs are affected:
    • web browser
    • word processors
    • email
    • chat screens -- intended to start arguments & create ill feelings.
  • Replies to your emails -- contain "your" quotations, but you didn't write them.
The Objective Seems to Be:
  • Make you look stupid
  • Annoy people with one another
  • Make you doubt your sanity
  • Make you think you are dyslexic.
Chat Screen:
  • Lags from when you press enter -- to when it appears -- this began at TalkShoe April 2011.
  • Stupidware seems to use some of the "keyboard logging" techniques used by hackers.