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This Web Site:
  • Online Book: About Gang-Stalking & Black-Listing of Targeted Individuals (TIs)
  • Public Domain: Freely copy & change, no permission, attribution, nor notification
  • Original Editor: Vancouver -- but the public owns this site's public domain content
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Development Process:
  • Publicly Developed: Online - open - real time updates
  • Many Eyes: Proof readers from talk show - incremental input
  • Modern Distribution: Many revisions - continually released
Compared with Traditional Books:
  • Continually Updated: Content is regularly added and changed
  • Faster Distribution: No publishing, approval, or printing time
  • Wider Distribution: Disseminated more widely than a traditional book
Contributor Satisfaction:
  • Instant Gratification: Contributors see their input published quickly
  • Ideas are Really Published: Not put aside until later
  • Public Domain: The public owns the content & can do with as they please.