Ploys -- by Perps in Chat & Talk

Ploys by Perps -- in Chat Rooms & Talk Shows

On Talk Shows:

  • Nuisance Audio: Tunnel sounding, poor signal, echos, clicking, incoherent accent.
  • Irritating Voice: Screechy, fading in and out, arguments, annoying to listen to.
  • Crazy Sounding: Far fetched talk which sounds nutty to most listeners.
  • Domination: Perp interrupts rooms, won't shut up, host acts naive, lets it happen.
  • Interruptions: Irritating sounds when people are talking (giggling, balloon rubbing).
In Chat Rooms:
  • Flooding: Chat room overwhelmed by Perp mobs, to derail substantive discussions.
  • Gibberish: Meaningless chatter, senseless babble, often while host is tied up.
    • This may be because stupidware may have infiltrated a target's PC.
  • Classroom Clown: Uses humor to distract, avoiding discussions of substance.
  • Impersonation: Perp masquerades as a real TI, getting people annoyed at the TI.
  • Anticipating: Fake TI enters room & acts rude, then the real arriving TI is muted.
  • Love Bombing: Always complimenting, Inhibits your desire to resist their future ploys.
  • Greeter Seater: Acts like a room official, sweet as pie, so the host won't boot her.
  • Emotional Sapping: Energy sucking to drain the your patience and will.
Ganging Up:
  • Mobbing: Many people attacking one target in a talk/chat room, much like on the street.
  • Sock Puppet: One person pretending to be a mob, using many simultaneous logins.
Personal Attacks:
  • Character Assassination: Scum bag slanders a TI, dupes others to join the mob.
  • Picking a Fight: Baiting someone into an argument.
  • Chat Room Stalking: Perp uses surveillance powers, coat-tails a TI into chat room.