Phases -- 5 Phases a TI can Endure

Five Phases a Targeted Individual (TI) can Endure
Short Version:
  • 1 -- Covert Phase: Subtle harassment of a TI -- with detailed intelligence gathering.
    • This phase can go on for years -- to un-aware Targeted Individuals (TI).
  • 2 -- Overt Phase: TIs are stalked, harassed, slandered & the perps want them to know it.
    • But it may be years -- until a TI becomes Aware -- that it is Organized CoIntelPro.
  • 3 -- Aware TI: The TI finally becomes Aware -- it is Organized & called Gang-Stalking.
    • Newly aware TIs are uncorrupted -- but if they're broke -- they RISK being turned.
  • 4 -- Green Perp: At their lowest point a TI is approached -- with a supposed rescue deal.
    • This last ditch deal -- would turn and corrupt them -- in exchange for self preservation.
    • They'd "receive" less targeting of self & family -- plus they can suddenly "find" a job.
  • 5 -- Seasoned Perp: Candidate goes to Perp School.
    • Hypnotized -- trained to harass, slander, mob, threaten -- and in name collection.
Medium Version:
  • 1 -- Covert Phase: In the beginning, the harassment, slander and surveillance of a TI is so subtle, that it can occur for many years -- the TI knows it's not normal -- but may come to expect it. Examples are; people being rude for no reason, poor service from businesses, ridicule, elementary mobbing in the workplace, low  level noise campaigns, a string of at-fault auto accidents, suddenly begins being pulled over a lot by police, bodily "accidents", people rooting through your trash, repeated unlucky home or auto repairs, deals falling through at the last minute, rumors spread about you, unfriendly family, neighbors outside each time the TI enters and exits their residence, relationships turning sour, TI becomes isolated from personal human interaction. Often it's not until well into Phase 3 -- that a TI realizes, this "covert phase" had been been occurring -- long before they had originally thought.
  • 2 -- Overt Phase: Beginning with this phase, the Stalkers want the TI to know -- that they are being routinely harassed, stalked and slandered. The examples of issues described in the previous Covert phase become more harsh and aggressive in this Overt phase. Many TIs fear for their life when they first realize -- they are being stalked by gangs. They had never heard of such a thing in society, and can doubt their own sanity. They become sometimes become aware that they are being surveilled, with "directed conversations" by strangers -- mentioning personal things from years ago, documents on their hard drive, home or phone conversations. Some have reached out to authority figures (police, attorneys, health care workers, psychs) who could have wised them up to the protocol -- but these professions are gagged, and in real fear of losing their credentials -- or of becoming a target them self, their family or assets. So the "professionals" said nothing, and sometimes they even participated in the perping. TIs can often pinpoint the date -- when the accelerated Overt Phase began. Some TIs catch on quickly -- that the Overt Phase is Organized -- and they move onto the Aware -- Phase 3. While other TIs are stalked, harassed and slandered literally for years -- before finally becoming Aware -- that it is Organized -- and known as Gang-Stalking or CoIntelPro.
  • 3 -- Aware TI: Finally one day -- the TI becomes aware -- of what has been happening to them -- it is called -- Organized Gang-Stalking. For the first time ever, things start to add up -- but now that they have become aware -- their targeting increases to its highest point ever. The perps try to keep TIs moving to different residences, which depletes their financial reserves, and the targeting will follow them anyway. Their income decreases and costs unluckily increase regularly -- a little bit at a time. Most "aware TIs" are interfered with from getting a job -- because the targeters want them to exhaust their savings and income -- with a goal of forcing them to eventual homelessness. Newly aware TIs are uncorrupted -- but if they are broke -- they RISK being turned into a Perp. Targeting typically increases -- once they become an "Aware TI" -- and anything they do to try to help them self, or speak out, will backfire with increased targeting. Everybody they come into contact with is compromised, conversations are commonly interrupted.
  • 4 --Green Perp: When a TI is at their lowest point -- financially, emotionally, possibly even suicidal -- they are "approached" by a Perp -- with a supposed rescue "deal". But if they take the deal, it will corrupt them -- and "turn" them into a Green Perp (sometimes called a Snitch or a Perp Lite). Agreeing to the deal would "turn" them into a detestable Perp -- like the ones who have been targeting them all of this time. After becoming a Perp -- many un-employed TIs are able to suddenly "find" a job as part of the corrupting deal. The deal may initially lessen the targeting on them self and their family. However, it is said that Green Perps, and their families, eventually get targeted as much -- or more than before. Except now they have "become" one of the Stalker / Perps -- who they used to detest. And it's just getting started -- remember they're still a "Green" Perp. And they've made a lifelong commitment -- to what -- they don't know yet.
  • 5 -- Seasoned Perp: In this phase, Green Perps attend Perp School -- where they are hypnotized & trained in the "skills" of harassment, slander, mobbing & threats -- and collecting names / phone# / email, of other TIs -- who are turned into Green Perps. This page is a work in progress.