Perp -- Letter to Perps from Van

An Open Letter to Perps -- from Vancouver

Dear Perp:

Each day -- pieces of information about targeting -- fall into my lap. This helps to expose Gang-Stalking of Targeted Individuals (TIs). I especially hope to help wise up -- TIs who are not yet aware -- that they are targets of organized vigilante stalking.

Much of the information I receive makes its way onto

When a TI agreed to a Perp "deal" -- they did it for their own preservation -- or that of their family. Part of the unholy deal -- obligates them to target other TIs. Perps are gagged -- however many of them want to get the word out -- and they're the ones I hope to hear from.

Much of the "scoop" comes to me via my talk show at The chat room enables you to type in tips -- without the need to say who you are. And I am always ready to do an interview -- regardless of where you are on the Gang-Stalking landscape. No appointment is necessary, just show up.

You can also call the 24x7 message only anonymous tip line at 360-334-2348 -- and confirm that I received your message by viewing

Once again -- please bring your tips -- about Gang-Stalking, Perping, etc.

Sincerely yours,
-- talk show #87161 at