Learned -- the Hard Way

Head Screwing by Perps:
  1. Perps say, "why can't we all get along" -- as they try not to get along with TIs.
  2. Perps who masquerade as doubters of Gang-Stalking -- sound just like regular doubters.
  3. Perps are actors -- appalled, innocent & offended -- like this actor -- free GasLight 1940 movie.
  4. It's a waste of time to argue or try to convince a Perp of anything -- they're Perps!
  5. Perps pretend to not understand what they are saying.
  6. They get mad at you for not believing the craziest things -- it is an act!
  7. They take advantage of you when you are apologetic or sympathetic (e.g. muting & crazy talk.
TI Talk Shows & Chat Rooms:
  1. Perps dominantly outnumber the pure (uncorrupted) TIs -- in TI oriented -- chat rooms & talk shows.
  2. Most Perp talk is bunk -- it is intended to sound CRAZY -- to discredit Gang-Stalking.
Targeted Individual (TI) Issues:
  1. TI employment searches are circumvented -- go broke & susceptible to becoming Perps. 
  2. The syndicate wants to turn newly aware TIs into a Green Perp. (push from phase 3 to 4).
  1. I didn't know when a Perp is complaining or shaming -- that means you're piercing their armor.
    • And they want to get you to stop whatever it is you're doing.
  2. I didn't know when 2 Perps are complaining or agreeing -- you are "really" piercing their armor.
  3. When a Perp is foaming at the mouth -- it's a bingo.
  4. I didn't know when Perps are complaining, they are acting.
  5. The syndicate doesn't want people using the word "vigilante". 
  6. There are influential people are on the TI's side -- to fix things.
  7. Perps are compensated with money -- duh!
  8. I was surprised at the death threats online & on the street.
Things I Learned Hosting a TI Talk Show:
  1. I was surprised by the amount of great advice -- usually from anonymous guests.
  2. I was surprised to be able to rub shoulders with so many world class thinkers.
  3. I naively thought I would be left alone to expose Gang-Stalking.
  4. I didn't know how much my street harassment would increase -- plus online.
  5. I didn't know that my interviewees & chat room participant's harassment would increase.

  6. I didn't know how right I was -- to think the CRAZY talk was intentional -- to flood Gang-Stalking.
  7. I didn't know perps would masquerade as pure (uncorrupted) TIs & flood interviews with crazy talk.
The Leaders & Name Collectors:
  1. I didn't know that "most" self anointed leaders of TIs, are themselves Perps.
  2. I didn't know "most" name / email / phone# collectors are Perps.
  3. I didn't know that so many people in the anti-mobbing community -- would mob.
The Internet is Cooked:
  1. I didn't know how "cooked" Internet data is -- to find out about Gang-Stalking
  2. I didn't know access to my talk show would be circumvented -- cuz they don't want the word to get out.

  1. section 802 of the patriot act makes all crime terrorism, so under the patriot act they could gang stalk you for jaywalking or whatever lame excuse