Irony -- Gang-Stalking Landscape

  1. Perps participate in the Slow-Kill of TIs -- but detest the label Slow-Killer.
  2. Members of the anti mobbing 'community' -- engage in mobbing.
  3. Perps are paid to sound crazy -- then chastise TIs who say the word CRAZY.
  4. Perps dominate a "community" of TIs -- then chastise TIs who say Perps are present.
  5. Perps slander TIs -- then if a TI protests -- the Perp claims they're being slandered.
  6. Perps create paranoia -- then ridicule their targets -- and say they are paranoid.
  7. Perps force their name onto TIs -- then chastise them if they remain anonymous.
  8. Notable Perps with many friends -- ridicule un-corrupted TIs who have few.
  9. TIs are trying to make sense out of a protocol -- that is senseless.
  10. Block-Watch doles out Vigilante (in)Justice -- but detests the term Vigilante.
  11. TIs who "turned" TI - Perp -- began as the hunted -- then joined the hunter syndicate.
    1. They started out not knowing anything -- once corrupted they won't say anything.