Income -- Perp Proof Ways to Earn

  1. This page is new -- it is a starting point -- please contribute your input.
  2. Ideas are openly listed here -- must be so good -- they can't be thwarted by Perps.
  3. This web page is not about a job -- this is not the place for that -- but good luck.
  1. Consider -- self employment -- or let's hear other ideas.
  2. One on one customer-vendor relationships / vs a single middleman who could end it all.
  3. Redundancy for; customers, vendors, and middlemen.
  4. Get paid from "many" sources, not just one "funnel" who will eventually be compromised.
  5. Adding value via; proprietary process, diligent work, or a special skill possessed, etc.
  6. Consider a hard to duplicate product or service -- so it doesn't become a commodity.
  7. Consider a product or service, where you receive regular payment.
  8. Provide exceptional service, on something you provide, not available from anyone else.
  9. For online orders, pose the first digit of a customer's name, the date, zip, and amount of an order on a pre-determined web page.
Obstacles / Barriers to Overcome:
  1. Perp harassment -- they will try to screw up every issue.
  2. Will the perps slander the TI, contact-harass-compromise your customers, vendors, middlemen.
Common Middlemen -- who could be Thwarted:
  1. Paypal or other payment system.
  2. Ebay or other order taking sysstem.
  3. Flea Market booth.
  4. Day Trading.
  7. Anytime an agent is needed (to unite customer-vendor)
  8. Internet web site -- can be infiltrated to hijack sales.
  1. Voice over work and promotional copy writing can be done freelance without an agent.
  2. Sell consulting online, about the subject matter of a book, or some other topic you know about.
  3. Writing, technical manuals, etc -- e.g. Dummies books.
  4. Get repeat business at a higher price -- after offering a loss leader
  5. Visit "freelance" sites -- for a list of agents.
Multiple Customer Relationships:
  1. Some service that is TBD.
  2. Selling crafts.
Other Concepts:
  1. Multiple streams of income.
  2. Keeping your customer list -- away from your vendors -- and everything away from Perps.
  3. Perhaps TIs identifying each other -- and dealing with them.
Ways of Getting Paid:
  1. Checks via Mail
  2. PayPal
  3. Cash from face to face contacts (who would hear Slander about the TI)
  4. Paid by credit card.
In My Wildest Dreams:
  1. Come up with some way to make an income while eliminating the perps.
  2. To eliminate the protocol -- so it doesn't happen to future generations.
  3. Sell a service to other TIs
  4. Sell a product or service that helps other TIs become self sufficient.
  5. Figure out a way to deliver the product or service, before the Perps know about it, to preempt their ability to hose the deal.

Items that will NOT be Listed on THIS Web Page:
  1. A Job -- This web page is about doing your own thing.
  2. MLM -- Multi Level Marketing