Housing -- TI Sharing Issues

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Obstacles & Barriers to Overcome:
  • Perps will try to screw up every issue -- roommates -- landlord -- etc.
Number of TIs in a Shared Housing Situation:
  • Small -- 2 or 3 people -- the focus of this document deals with a small situation
  • Medium/Large -- more than 3 -- the BOTTOM of this document deals with these situations.
Pros of Shared TI Housing:
  • A TI can be on site at all times -- to deny entry of Perps.
  • TIs are able to live with other TIs -- who will hopefully not be "turned" into a Perp.
  • TIs have other TIs around -- to "watch their back".
  • Reduced cost (hopefully).
Cons of Shared TI Housing:
  • A Perp masquerading as an uncorrupted "pure" TI could move in.
  • A TI tenant could be "turned" into a Perp -- after moving in.
  • A TI can get sucked into moving into a Perp/Owner's house.
  • As soon as anything starts to work -- the perps will figure out a way to shaft it.
  • Giving up privacy.
Housing Oriented Issues:
  • Trust issues -- validate if they're a TI -- TI-Perp -- or Perp.
  • Cleanliness of living conditions -- with multiple tenants.
  • Consider toxic mold.
  • Consider air contamination -- or toxic air assault.
  • Ground floor, neighbors, smokers, pets.
  • Trash.
  • Heating & air conditioning.
  • Insurance.
  • Transportation (near a store).
  • Respect; sympathetic but firm.
  • Meals.
  • Space is very important, for living with others.
Desirable Conditions:
  • Lockable areas for personal effects, meds, etc.
  • Some preferred to have a private; sleeping area, bathroom, refrigerator.
  • Consider RVs, which can be moved to different stall, or different lot altogether.
  • Location -- within walking distance of multiple stores.
  • Location -- on a mass transit line.
  • Ability to grow vegetables.
  • Not be near a toxic waste site.
Issues to Consider:
  • Different people get different types of targeting.
  • Source of income for residents.
  • Alcohol, smoking, pets.
Housing Oriented Questions:
  • Does signing an affidavit or contract insure they are not a Perp?
  • Is it best run as; owner/tenant relationship -- or a democracy?
  • What happens when a tenant wants to bring friends over?
  • Personnel Oriented:
    • Paperwork helpers -- social security, food stamps, medical, pensions.
    • Everyday helpers -- getting non-drivers to a doctor, appointments, etc.
    • Board of directors -- need to be screened too.
    • Inspectors & foot soldiers.
    • Guards (watch the dog that carries the bone).
    • In-house Counselors.
  • Living Oriented:
    • Consider two houses -- one for screening, the other for living.
    • Rules, regulations, drugs-testing, contract.
    • Meetings, trouble shooting.
    • TIs should see photos of the residence in advance before moving in.
    • Promotion of the facility.
    • Land Owners.
    • Jobs for TIs.

Reality TV Twist: (to be considered)
  • Put cameras & live video on the Internet -- and call it the "Glass House"
  • Tenant chooses -- whether their own area -- would be on the Internet or not.
    • Ask yourself if you'd want to be on the Internet right now?
  • That's how it's going to be in the future -- it's a done deal.
  • Try to look at surveillance of yourself -- as a feature -- rather than a drawback.
  • See Justin.tv.