Gagged -- Who's Gagged about it

In On It -- Who's Gagged about Gang-Stalking
  • Attorneys: Attorneys know the deal about Gang-Stalking and harassment. But they are forbidden discuss it --  when I sought advice from an attorney about "harassment" -- he was shaking & sweating.
  • Law Enforcement: On a cop blog once read, "The first rule of Gang-Stalking -- is not to discuss Gang-Stalking" -- at which point the on that thread discussion ended. This explaines why cops will listen to a TI's harassment stories -- but they say nothing to wise them up.
  • Health Care: Most high livel health care workers are "in on" the secret of Gang-Stalking. If a TI mentions harassment -- they may get a "5150" trip to a psych ward for 72 hours.
  • Psychs: Psychologists and Psychiatrists will at best mumble nervously to a TI patient that Gang-Stalking occurs. At worst they will play dumb about Gang-Stalking, perp the TI, and milk the system, by providing continued "services" for a supposed mental illness which is based on a fallacy -- because psychs know very well that Gang-Stalking exists -- the milkers learned the secret way back in school.
  • Neighborhood Watch: Every time a TI walks out their door, or comes home, the neighborhood watcher is there to stalk. If they're such caring people -- how come entire families are targeted, children included?
  • Churches: Time and again we hear stories about religious institutions that participate in perping TI parishioners. [see for yourself]
  • Organized Motorcycle Gangs (OMG's): What do OMG's have in common with churches, attorneys, cops, etc? The members of this unholy alliance all collude in participating and hiding Gang-Stalking from TI's.