Flooding -- things Perps Flood

Gang-Stalking -- Flooding by Perps

Disinformation / Crazy Talk: -- is used to discredit that Gang-Stalking is real:
  • Flood a board of directors -- of a well intended org -- with Perps.
  • Flood the number of people in a Flash Mob to harass a TI.
  • Flood the number of vehicles car-mobbing a TIs car.
  • Flood automated typos into text into documents, web pages, email, etc -- stupidware

  • Flood Internet chat rooms.
  • Flood talk shows.
  • Person being interviewed -- starts talking normal -- then starts flooding crazy talk.
  • Internet sites -- overwhelmed with dis-info -- which drowns out legitimate sites.
  • Internet sites -- overtaken then flooded them with crazy talk