FFCHS -- un-Earthly Crazy Talk Cult

  • FFCHS = Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance -- FreedomFCHS.com
  • FFCHS = Far Fetched Crazy-talkers Hurling S***
FFCHS is an online cult -- I believe they are a government funded front -- who's purpose is to continually spew un-Earthly crazy sounding talk -- to flood the Black-Listed, Gang-Stalking landscape -- with laughable dis-information.

A wolf in sheep's clothing, FFCHS discredits the very Targeted Individuals (TIs), who they pretend to help. And TIs have no place else to turn.
The gov does not want the word to get out about Gang-Stalking -- but if word does get out -- they want it to be flooded with crazy sounding un-Earthly stories. It is FFCHS's number one job -- to discredit TIs and Gang-Stalking.

Un-Earthly crazy talk seems to be a requirement -- for anyone involved with the cult. Most of them claim the nonsense is happening to them. And whenever a rational sounding person shows up and wants to discuss Gang-Stalking -- they are overwhelmed by a steady spew of un-Earthly crazy sounding crap.

As for the supposedly independent "bunch" of people who hangs out in the FFCHS vicinity. How can you believe their crazy talk -- when in the next breath they use Mafia techniques of; 1) slander, 2) mobbing, 3) flooding -- which they do universally. I think these people are liars -- paid to continually talk crazy. They are very good actors -- doing double duty -- crazy talk -- mixed with the aforementioned intimidation techniques.

Another job title is the interrupter -- who arrives to flood talk shows and chat rooms with gibberish -- just as the conversation starts getting good. It is a constant challenge to listen in on a rational conversation when so many shills -- who's job it is to flood all talk.

Out on the "street" the role of perps is clearly defined -- and the resources are huge. The Perps continually rotate -- many times daily. Out there, once a Gang-Stalking target is away from home, they rarely see the same street perps twice. But online it's different -- it's almost like being close to home -- you get to know them, in an online sense..

There's a new voice on every talk show conference call -- continually training crazy talking shills. But these shills are here today, gone tomorrow, you never hear from them again. The revolving door of these people -- shows what a charade the Perp flooded TI talk show calls at TalkShoe are.