Definitions -- Gang-Stalking Roles

Role Definitions -- in Gang-Stalking

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Gang-Stalking -- Role Definitions

Short Version:
  • Targeted Individual (TI): A TI has been Black-Listed -- often out of revenge for having spoken out -- and is regularly slandered and harassed -- in an organized protocol known as Gang-Stalking.
  • Perp: Perps ruthlessly slander, stalk, and harass TIs -- for money, expectation, or enjoyment -- they are schooled at deceiving and Gagging People (GP), then recruiting them into participating.
  • Gagged Person (GP): A GP is connected to the TI, often loosely -- GPs are Gagged by the Perp, once they hear their slander about the TI -- next the GP is recruited by the Perp to help administer vigilante justice to the TI -- which is justified by the Perp's secret slander.

  • Handler: A cowardly Handler remains unseen -- they pull strings -- and use Perps and GPs to stalk, harass, and slander the TI -- each TI has a ruthless Handler that manages their targeting. << Print this Flier << Gang-Stalking Talk Show
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Medium Version:
  • Targeted Individual (TI): Many Targeted Individuals are regularly persecuted, for having spoken out. From a Gang-Stalking perspective, these TIs have been Black-Listed. This means they are slated for life-long harassment, mobbing, stalking and continual slander -- which is often unleashed on their family as well, children included. Each TI has a primary Handler assigned to them.
  • Handler: A Handler has never been a Targeted Individual (TI). They orchestrate the slander and harassment activities -- against the TIs who they oversee. Handlers are never seen while doing their shameful job -- although the TI may know, but not suspect them. All Handlers share use of; a common, and largely rotating pool of Seasoned Perps and Green Perps. The database also includes the Gagged People (GP), that each TI is connected to, often loosely. In summary, Handlers are cowards who pull strings, and oversee the slander and harassment, onto TIs -- using Perps and GPs.
  • Seasoned Perp: A Seasoned Perp targets Targeted Individuals (TI) -- using the ruthless "skills" they learned at "Perp School" -- such as threats, harassment and character assassination. They have been hypnotized -- to feel no guilt, remorse, or compassion for the TIs they persecute. Many Seasoned Perps rose "up" from the ranks of TIs -- and they are now at the "highest"  position that they can ever be trusted at. However, those Perps, who have "never" been a TI -- "can" be trusted with more responsibility, and might someday be "promoted" to Handler. The surveillance of Perps is as rigorous, as it is for the TIs they surveil. Any Perp -- who a TI senses emotion from -- is not a Seasoned-Perp -- but rather a Green-Perp, or a Gagged Person.
  • Green Perp: When a newly Aware Targeted Individual (TI) accepts a bribe, threat, or both -- they become a Green-Perp (also known as a Perp-Lite or a Snitch). This is a role which often involves targeting other TIs. Those who knew the TI, before they sold their soul -- can observe sudden disturbing changes -- as the Green-Perp, begins exhibiting previously unseen behavior, and often CRAZY talk. From this point on, anything they say is to be doubted, their integrity is gone. As justification, they sometimes dwell on the issues which led to their decision to become a Perp -- but they won't admit they are one -- and they avoid any discussion of the issue. The TI to Green-Perp conversion occurs secretly -- and is an immediately effective, life long commitment. As compensation for their participation, they are subjected to less pressure on them self, reduced targeting of their family, or with favors, such as money or being allowed to work.
  • Gagged Person (GP): A Gagged Person (GP) is whispered lies and slander, by a Perp, about a Targeted Individual (TI). If the GP believes the lies, they will feel righteous in helping to administer secret vigilante justice against the TI -- and they are recruited to this "patriotic" cause by the Perp. Once they have heard the slander -- GPs are gagged -- even though the Perp usually has no legal authority to do so. After this the GP will not advise the TI -- of either the slander they have heard -- or the identity of the Perp who whispered it. GPs fear the possibility that the slander may actually be true -- or even worse -- if it is false -- they feel threatened -- that similar slander may be unleashed against them -- unless they cooperate with the vigilante justice against the TI.
  • Troll: A Troll stirs things up, and harasses people on the Internet. They are un-paid -- and do it because they enjoy it.
  • Truther: A Truther is someone who at their own expense, works to expose and correct an unjust issue in society. Truthers introduce hope, if they can credibly help expose Gang-Stalking. Unlike Targeted Individuals (TI), who "are" under constant surveillance -- Truthers are "not" surveilled, and they can clandestinely participate in busting Perps -- in order to provide evidence of the Gang-Stalking.
  • Clearly state that there are two kinds of perps; 1) those who "rose" up from former TIs, 2) those who started out at Perps -- and are thus more trusted by the Gov-Mob.