Contacts -- Finding non-Perp TIs

Recognizing Local TIs:
  • Hermits, perhaps the reason they don't leave their home -- is they are harassed.
  • Hermits, hey Truthers, read the evidence site, before moving any further.
  • Cease & Desist, they have written wrote a cease & desist letter.
  • Cop moves in next door.
  • Attractive member of opposite sex, always "happens" to sit next to you in flight.
TI Identification:
  • Identifying a TI -- no job, people talk bad about them, loner, dislike the government.
Obstacles to Overcome:
  • Any online database would be 50% flooded with Perps if it's just OK -- 90% if it's great.
  • For the remaining 10% -- they will probably be impersonated.
  • Forming a relationship "locally" is one thing -- but "long distance" or "online" is more challenging.
  • Any database with a password will be compromised by Perps.
  • Whatever you do -- will be disrupted and infiltrated by the Perps -- but where there's a will, there's a way.
  • Whenever something starts working -- the perps will figure out a way to shaft it.
  • Try building relationships one-on-one -- vs. a central "authority".
  • Consider a central database, that you have to phone in to a known contact to update.
  • Maybe the answer to a common database -- is to have no secrets.
Hooking Up: with another person, who you may never meet
  • From across the globe
  • From across town
Meeting Others Openly:
  • Attending a truther meeting 
  • Setting up a booth at a faire
  • ACLU: People who have contacted them.
  • HR People: A mole would know who the TIs are.
  • Insurance Companies: Moles may know who knows stages Perp accidents & their TI victims.
  • Alarm Companies: In case people call to have an alarm installed.
Through Local Businesses:
  • Pharmacy: Segregates meds of TIs from the remainder of their patrons.
  • Medical Center: The doctor & nurse know who other TIs are, but who else at the office?
  • Radiator Repair: Look for repeat calls -- perps damage may have ruined mine 4 times.
  • Auto Repair: Repeat problems.
Search the Internet for:
  • Stupidware: People complaining of the symptoms found on the stupidware page.
  • Run an Ad: Buy a disposable prepaid phone just for this purpose.
Meeting Others Privately:
  • Local AND Over the Internet
    • How to do it clandestinely -- this would involve communicating privately
      • It's possible that either the TI or the Truther will be an imposter.
      • This should be expected sometimes, but be sure to keep everything legal
  • Local
    • Things that make TI's stand out:
      • Isolated
      • People rooting through a TIs trash (also a good way to identify a perp -- follow them)
      • Electrical system in home is like Poltergeist -- Perps screw with Electric systems.
      • ( put other ideas here from xxx)
    • Where do TI's hang out
      • Homeless shelters
      • Court house
  • Over the Internet
    • More to come