Advice -- Critical to Newly Aware TIs

Critical Advice to Newly Aware Targeted Individuals (TI) -- by Vancouver
  • Don't let name collectors -- pressure, charm or manipulate any personal info from you.
    • Figure out what's going on first -- You can't undo providing a; name, phone# or email.
    • Doing so may hasten the attempts -- to corrupt you into being -- a Green Perp.
  • A TI with lots of friends -- is probably a corrupted TI / Perp, or a Perp masquerading as a TI.
    • Perps collect info -- from easy to corrupt -- newly aware TIs -- naive & unaware of rot.
    • Remember, per the program -- pure (uncorrupted) TIs -- are to be isolated.
  • Some TIs unfortunately become TI / Perps -- it is not one or the other -- it is often both.
    • The statement >> Is he a TI or a Perp << has a bogus premise.
  • Read the Five Phases a TI can Endure:
    • Be aware -- they want to corrupt TIs into Phase 4 -- Green Perp -- don't fall for it.
Regarding Online TI Communities:
  • In online -- so-called TI "communities" -- I estimate a 51+% majority are Perps.
    • Some think Perpdom is as high as 80-90% -- others fantasize it's only 2-3%.
    • The people who object to hearing this the most -- are the Perps -- duh.
  • The gov-mob does not want word about Gang-Stalking of TIs to get out.
    • But if word does get out -- they want it to be flooded -- with CRAZY talk.
    • Thus -- all the crazy sounding TI talk online. Dis-info = lies mixed with truth.
  • The gov-mob wants to dupe you -- into actually believing some of the dis-information.
    • Don't fall for a crazy sounding story -- just because lots of lunes & shills repeat it.
    • Be skeptical -- use some common sense -- for crying out loud.