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To be successful in exporting and importing, it helps to know why so many export and import businesses do not succeed. Success cannot be rushed by high hopes. Rather, it comes incrementally.

The success of an export business is often attributed to luck. Work harder and there will be more luck. The export success of Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Spain and other countries (areas) is not a miracle, it is the result of hard work. The business miracle will not happen without working hard. However, success cannot be rushed by hard work.

The events in a large number of export offices worldwide are comparable to the events in a football game. It is not unusual to see colleagues kicking responsibilities back and forth, just like football players do the ball. It is important that employees' responsibilities are clearly spelled out and that systems of operation are flexible in order to accommodate the rapidly changing needs of world markets.

The distinction of the information on this blog is its scope. Besides covering routine activities of exporting, this site traverses several layers down into the core of export activities, where export obstacles and conflicts originate most. It highlights some specific dangers and difficulties likely to occur in the course of exporting, and provides effective measures to take to prevent or minimize the loss of time, money and effort.

This blog is a comprehensive export-import learning site formatted for easy understanding by the layperson. It gives insight to the real world of exporting-importing. It provides in-depth information about exporting-importing, documentation, international shipping, including loading of ocean containers, cargo (marine) insurance, documentary letters of credit, and bills of exchange (drafts). Several case samples presented on this blog were encountered in the course of international trade. While export business is not a subject that can be mastered overnight, by carefully going through this site, students will gain a useful understanding of export-import fundamentals.

Malpractices and tricks used by some importers are revealed on this website for the protection of exporters. The WYSINWYG (what you see is not what you get) scheme and other malpractices exercised by some exporters are also exposed here for the benefit of importers.

If you feel this blog would be useful to your friends, relatives, colleagues, superior or government, please let them know.


prosperity (n)
1. (dt) sự thịnh vượng; sự phát đạt
a time when business is good and the economy of the country is in good condition

rush (n)
1. (dt) sự vội vã, sự vội vàng
a hurry
What's the rush?
rush (v)
1. (đt) chạy vội vã, lao vào
move quickly
He rushed into the burning house to save the child.
2. (đt) vội vã
We don't have to rush because we still have plenty of time.
3. (đt) làm ai đó vội vã, giục giã
make someone do something fast


 (thuộc) sự lớn lên, tiền lãi

attribute(v):  cho là do

miracle (n)
1. (dt) phép màu, điều kỳ diệu
something wonderful and unexpected that happens

comparable (adj)
1. (tt) có thể hoặc thích hợp để so sánh
something you can compare with

spell out (v)
1. (đt) giải thích rõ ràng
explain so simply that there can be no mistake

flexible (adj)
1. (tt) dẻo. mềm dẻo, dễ uốn
easy to bend and stretch
2. (tt) linh hoạt, linh động
easily changed


1. (đt) cung cấp đủ chỗ (không gian)
have enough space for
2. (đt) cung cấp phòng hoặc nơi ở cho ai; cung cấp nơi ăn chốn ở
give someone a place to sleep 

distinction (n) :a clear difference
1. (dt) sự khác biệt, sự tương phản 

scope (n) :how far something's activity or influence extends
 1. (dt) phạm vi ảnh hưởng

routine (adj)
1. (tt) thông thường, thường lệ
happening regularly

traverse (v)
1. (đt) đi ngang qua, vượt qua
pass over an area  

obstacle (n)
1. (dt) chướng ngại vật, vật trở ngại
something that stands in your way; a barrier

conflict (n)
1. (dt) sự xung đột, cuộc xung đột
a fight; a quarrel

originate (v)
1. (đt) bắt đầu, khởi đầu
start; begin 

occur (v)
1. (đt) xảy ra
happen; take place

comprehensive (adj)
1. (tt) bao hàm, toàn diện, tổng hợp, bao quát
 including many things or details

format (v)
1. (đt) định dạng
arrange a page of text in a certain way. 

insight : sự thấu hiểu bên trong sự việc

documentation (n)
1. (dt) những tài liệu làm bằng chứng
papers that prove that something is correct 

international shipping : vận tải quốc tế

loading of ocean containers:vận chuyển container bằng đường biển

cargo (marine) insurance: bảo hiểm hàng hoá đường biển

letters of credit (LC): thư tín dụng

and bills of exchange (drafts) : hối phiếu

encounter: chạm trán, đụng độ

master (v)
1. (đt) tinh thông, nắm vững
learn something thoroughly or become good at it

overnight : ngày một ngày hai, một sớm một chiều, trong chốc lát.

malpractice: việc làm phi pháp, hành động bất chính

trick (n)
1. (dt) trò gian trá, trò bịp bợm
a dishonest action to make a person do what you want

reveal (v)
1. (đt) bộc lộ, để lộ ra, tiết lộ
tell about something that had been a secret
2. (đt) cho thấy
show something

expose (v)
1. (đt) phơi ra
uncover; leave unprotected
2. (đt) phơi bày ra, bộc lộ
make known

superior (n)
1. (dt) người cấp trên, thượng cấp
someone who is above you in position or rank

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