Proforma Invoice Samples

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Proforma Invoices

A Proforma invoice is an invoice provided by a supplier in advance of providing the goods or service. Suppliers will do this if for some reason they are not prepared to extend normal credit terms to the University. Finance strongly advise department to consider very carefully the risks of trading with companies in this way, as if the goods are never forthcoming it is unlikely the University will be able to recover the money and departments will bear that cost. However, in exceptional instances we do allow payments on proforma invoices, but before proceeding in this way departments are required to consider the following alternatives:

  • Is it possible to arrange credit terms with the supplier?
  • Is it possible to use another supplier?
  • Is it possible to arrange for a cheque to be handed over on delivery of the goods?
  • Is it possible to pay only a deposit up front, and the rest on normal credit terms, or on delivery?

If after consideration of these options, the department still wish to proceed along this route and pay on a proforma invoice, a Proforma Invoice Form must be completed and must accompany the invoice.