Situation in Payment 

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Here is the situation.

We are editing the contract between your company and our company. Hence, please supply us your information as follows:

The seller: your company's name
Represented by:

Bank name:
Beneficiary A/C No:
Swift Code:

And they replied:
Company name: AW Dynamometer, Inc.
131 E. Main Street
Colfax, Il 61728

< XML="true" PREFIX="SKYPE" NAMESPACE="">              309-723-2021       
Fax: 309-723-4951

Represented by : Delbert Robinson, President

Bank Name/ Info: Intermediary Financial Institution
Independent Bankers Bank
3085 Stevenson Dr
Springfield, IL 62708
Routing# of ABA: 071125024

Beneficiary info:

Citizens State Bank of Cropsey
130 S. Main St.
Cropsey, IL 61731
Routing # : 071119522
AW Dynamometer, Inc. Account # 049220

What do you think?
Is there any problem in payment?

I wondered that there is no Swift code and the Beneficiary is not a company or a person.


Any request, send msg to YM: michaelhoan /


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