Order based on the result of previous talks

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(Order based on the result of previous talks)

Order No Td44/50/12T

30th November, 2000


The buyer: VN Export

Address: 8 Trang Thi St. Hanoi S.R.V.N.

The seller: Robinson and Co. Ltd.

Address: 48 Oxford St. London Wl. England

1. Object of order: the seller sells and the buyer buys the goods listed in the specification attached hereto, at the prices and in the quantity indicated therein. The said specification forms an intergral part of this order

2. Price and total amount: prices are understood to be CIF Haiphong including packing. Tho total amount of this order is GBP 20 000

3. Date of delivery: the goods are to be delivered in three parcels at the rate of one consignmnent each month. The first parcel is to be shipped in May 2000

4. Packing: in export packing in coformity with the accepted standards

5. Marking: each case to be marked in weather proof paint as follows:

Order No TD 44/50/12T

Name of Shipper: Robinson and Co. Ltd

Name of Consignee: Machinoimport Hanoi

Case No 1/ and up

Net weight:

Gross weight:

Measurement: ...cm x...cm x...cm

6. Technical Documents: two sets of drawings and instructions for assembly, operation and maitenance are to be shipped with the goods; one set is to be airmailed to the buyer not later than 30th April, 2000

7. Terms of payment: Payment to be effected in US dollars by an irrevocable and divisible letter of credit to be valid for 90 days; the L/C is to be opened by the Buyer in favour of the Seller for the total amount of the order with a London Bank within 15 days after the Buyer receive notification of readiness and notification that the necessary export licence has been obtained.

Documents required for payment:

a. Commercial invoices (3)

b. Original Bill of Lading (1)

c. Packing sheets (3)

d. Test and Inspection cerfiticate (1)

e. Copy of Export Licence (1)

f. Insurance Policy (1)

8. Guarantee: 24 months after despatch. Should the machines prove to be defective during the guarantee period, the Seller undertakes to replace or repair any defective part free of charge: the guarantee does not apply to damage caused by improper storage or careless maitenance.
Other terms are as agreed in the record of our talks on 15th Oct. and 20th Oct. 2000 attached hereto.

For and on behalf of the Buyer


Michael Hoan

Vice Director

VN Export